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Jaguar E-Type Brochure, Page Two
Jaguar E-Type Brochure, page two

The left column text:

ENGINE. Six cylinder twin overhead camshaft 3.8 litre XK Jaguar 'S' type engine. 87 mm.
bore X 106 mm. stroke (3.425 ins. X 4.1732 ins.). Cubic capacity 3781 c.c. (230.6 ins.).
Compression ration 9 : 1 (8 : 1 optional). Power outupt (9 : 1): 265 b.h.p. aat 5,500 r.p.m;
torque: 260 ft./lbs. at 4,000 r.p.m. Three S.U. carburetters, type HD.8 with manual choke
control. Forced lubrication by submerged pump system incorporating a full flow filter.
Chrome iron cylinder block fitted with dry type cylinder liners. Special 'straight port' cylinder
head of high tensile aluminium alloy featuring hemispherical combustion chambers and twin
overhead camshafts operating large valves of 70° included angle. Aluminium alloy pistons.
Steel connecting rods fitted with lead indium big end bearings. 2 1/4 ins. diameter counterweighted
crankshaft carried on seven large lead indium bearings. Pressurised cooling system with
thermostatically controlled electrically driven fan.

TRANSMISSION. Manually operated four speed, single helical synchromesh gearbox.
Centrally positioned change speed lever. Synchromesh on Top, Third and Second gear ratios.
Borg and Beck 10 ins. single dry plate clutch with hydraulic operation. Hardy Spicer needle
bearing propeller shaft. Hypoid rear axle fitted with limited slip differential. Ratios 3.31 : 1.
Optional ratios: 2.93, 3.07, 3.54. Differential unit mounted in sub-frame carrying the rear

SUSPENSION--FRONT. Independent front suspension incorporating transverse wishbones
and torsion bars controlled by telescopic hydraulic dampers. Anti-roll bar fitted to lower

SUSPENSION--REAR. Independent front suspension incorporting, on each side, a
lower transverse tubular link pivotted at the wheel carrier and sub-frame adjacent to the
differential case and, above this, a halfshaft universally jointed at each end. These serve to
locate the wheel in a transverse plane. Longitudinal location is provided by the rubber
mountings locating the sub-assembly in the body structure and by a radius arm between
the lower link and a mounting point on the body structure. Twin coil springs, each enclosing
a telescopic hydraulic damper, provide the suspension medium. The whole assembly together
with the differential is carried in an easily detachable sub-frame which is located in the
body structure by rubber mountings.

BRAKES. Dunlop bridge-type disc brakes featuring quick-change pads, are fitted to all four
wheels. Front brakes fitted on wheel hubs, rear brakes fitted inboard on halfshafts adjacent
to differetial unit. Bellows type brake servo operating directly on to brake pedal. Pedal
operates twin master cylinders through a compensator device which divides the system into
two entirely independent hydraulic systems to front and rear brakes. Centrally positioned
handbrake system on rear wheels only. Brake fluid level warning light operates on both

STEERNG. Rack and pinion. 16 ins. steering wheel with seperate adjustments for height
and reach. Number of turns, lock to lock, 2 1/4. Turing circle, 37 ft. diameter.

WHEELS AND TYRES. Wire spoke wheels with centre lock hubs fitted with Dunlop
6.40 X 15 type RS.5 tyres and tubes. Dunlop R.5 racing tyres available as optional equipment.
6.00 X 15 front. 6.50 X 15 rear on special wheels.

FUEL SUPPLY. By Lucas electric pump fitted into tank of 14 Imperial gallon capacity.
Petrol filter incorporated into fuel line and located in engine compartment.

Large capacity battery giving 57 amp-hours at 10 hour rate with current voltage control.
Ventilated dynamo. Eight fuse control box, fully labeled, located behind central facia
panel for ease of access. Side lamps. Lucas PL700 head lamps with hand operated dipping
control on facia. Seperate lever actuating head lamp flashing. Seperate Stop-Tail direction
and reflector units mounted in a single assembly. Rear number plate lamps. Flashing direction

The right column text:

indicators with self-canceling and warning light on facia. Instruments and labelled switches
illuminated by internal floodlighting controlled by a two-position dimmer switch. Map
reading light. Interior light. Twin blended note horns. Triple blade two-speed self-parking
windscreen wiper unit. Elecrically-operated windscreen washers. Cigar lighter with luminous
socket. Starter motor. Vacuum and centrifugal automatic ignition control. Oil coil ignition.
5 ins. diameter 160 m.p.h. speedometer incorporating total and trip distance recorders.
5 ins. diameter electrically-operated revolution counter incorporating an electric clock.
Ammeter. Electrically-operated water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge fuel gauge with
low level warning light. Choke warning light. Combined handbrake and brake fluid low
level warning light. Wiring harness in quickly detachable front body section connected to
main circuits through an eight-pin connector mounted on engine compartment bulkhead.

BODY CONSTRUCTION. Stressed shell steel body of unique patented monocoque con-
struction. Front sub-frame of square tubing carries engine unit, suspension and
forward hinged front section.

BODY--FIXED HEAD COUPE. Two door two seater body of extremely low drag character-
istics resulting from intensive wind tunnel testing. Counterbalanced forward opening front
section provides excellent accessibility to all mechanical components. Large counterbalanced
panel at rear, with release catch located in car, incorporates rear window and gives un-
obstructed access to luggage compartment, spare wheel and tools. Lipped shelf provided
immediately behind seats for small parcels, etc., and whole of body behind seats available
for luggage. Hinged luggage retainer at front of compartment drops down to increase floor
space if required. Large window area together with wraparound windscreen and thin screen
pillars provide superb all round visibility. Door lights completely concealed within doors
when fully lowered. Hinged rear quarter lights act as air extractors if required. Wraparound
bumpers with overriders at front and rear. Chrome finishers on rain guttering and wind-
screen frame. Twin bucket seats, adjustable for reach, upholstered in finest quality Vaumol
leather over Dunlopillo foam rubber cushions. Three panel facia together with screen rail
matt grained finished to eleminate reflections. Comprehensive instrumentation with revolution
counter and speedometer positoned in front of driver. Central panel contains seperate
instruments for oil pressure, water temperature, fuel gauge and ammeter, together with row
of labelled tumbler switches controlling ancillary equipment. Seperate housing beneath
panel contains a radio and twin speakers (optional extra) together with an ashtray. When
no radio is fitted the speaker grilles are retained and the radio control panel aperture is blanked
off with an escutcheon. Panel in front of passenger contains an open-fronted glove com-
partment and grab handle. Three-spoked polished alloy lightweight steering wheel with wood
rim and central horn push. Sun visors for driver and passenger. Wide angle vertically
adjustable rear view mirror incorporating anti-dazzle secondary mirror position. Deep pile
carpets, over thick felt underlay. Special roof lining to roof panel to provide maximum

HEATING AND DEMISTING. High output fresh air heating and multi-point windscreen de-
misting system incorporating a two-speed fan controlled by switch on facia. Temperature and
volume of air to windscreen and car interior regulated by controls mounted on facia panel.
Ducts direct air to each side of compartment.

SPARE WHEEL AND TOOLS. The spare wheel is carried beneath the boot floor in a
seperate compartment and is readily accessible. The tools are housed in the spare wheel
compartment together with the jack and wheel hammer.

JACKING. Centrally located jacking sockets enable the front and rear wheels on either
side of the car to be raised simultaneously by means of the manually-operated screw type
easy lift jack.

PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS. Wheelbase, 8 ft. 0 ins. Track, front and rear, 4 ft. 2 ins.
Overall length, 14 ft. 7 5/16 ins. Overall width, 5 ft. 5 1/4 ins. Overall height, 4 ft. 0 ins.
Ground clearance (laden), 5 1/2 ins. Dry weight (approx.), 22 1/2 cwts.

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