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Jaguar E-Type Racing Part II
Lightweight Jaguar E-Type at LeMans
Lightweight E-Type at 1963 LeMans.

Jaguar E-Type  Lightweight
Photo courtesy of Neil Zlowzower
One of the E-Type Lightweights which started life in British Racing Green and was streamlined into the lowdrag shape seen here by Dr. Samir Klat.

Jaguar E-Type Low Drag Coupe
Photo courtesy of Gary Oxley
The Low Drag E-Type coupe constructed by the factory. It was designed by Malcom Sayer, who also designed the road version of the E-type. Sayer called himself an aerodynamicist rather than a designer and the Low Drag E-Type is characteristic of his work.

Jaguar E-Type V12 racing A bright spot in E-Type racing history can be found in the efforts of Bob Tulius / Group 44. In the mid 1970s, with the help of British Leyland sponsorship and Huffaker Engineering, Group 44 campaigned this Series III E-Type in B class SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) events. They achieved a divisional championship in 1974 and a national championship the following year. Despite this impressive record, Bob Tulius was quoted as saying "The car did not want to be a race car".

Jaguar E-Type /  Ferrari GTO racing
A Jaguar E-type leads a Ferrari GTO at a recent historics race. Anyone care to speculate as to if the E-type was still ahead at the end of the straight?

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