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Ferrari Enzo: Steering Wheel

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Ferrari Enzo left directional Ferrari Enzo steering wheel (top) Ferrari Enzo right directional
Steering wheel controls may be common on lesser cars, but on the Ferrari Enzo they are an art form. On the Enzo they do not control the sound system (there is none on the Enzo) or air conditioning (which it does have). Tilt and telescoping capabilities are included. Note that the steering wheel is flattened on the top, to aid visibility.
  • Top left and right: Directional controls, which double as indicators.
  • Top middle: A set of five LEDs display the high end of the tachometer range. They show the upper range in 500 RPM increments, starting at 5500 RPM.

  • Below:
  • Top left: The Mode button; selects mode
  • Middle left: The Set button; sets mode (in conjunction with the mode button)
  • Bottom left: The Lift button; lifts the front end approximately 1.5". Since the front end normally has only 3.9" of ground clearance, this comes in handy when approaching speed bumps, etc.
  • Top right: The Race button; adjusts the dampers for racing conditions.
  • Middle right: The ASR button; turns off / on ASR (traction control).
  • Bottom right: The Reverse button; selects reverse gear.
  • Ferrari Enzo mode button Ferrari Enzo Steering Wheel Ferrari Enzo Race mode button
    Ferrari Enzo set mode button Ferrari Enzo ASR mode button
    Ferrari Enzo lift mode button Ferrari Enzo reverse mode button

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