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Diamond Cut Compound

Posted by Willy Bermell 
Diamond Cut Compound
December 19, 2001 09:26AM
Hi all, I´m starting to use this product with my Makita 9227 polisher and I have this problem: When I apply the product, it seems to dry out on the paint being very difficult to remove if not with water, and also it leaves kindda little pinhead spots all over the application area... Where can my mistake be? Should I wet slightly the pad? I´m using the recommended 1750 RPM speed and a wool pad.
Thanks for your help.


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Re: Diamond Cut Compound
December 19, 2001 02:50PM

You are using too much of the product with the diamound cut compound. Use less product per square inch you are trying to cover & switch to a foam pad if possible. If the foam pad isn't cuttting the surface then use your normal wool pad. Also try using an open cell foam pad. This pad is the one that the foam cells are larger than the closed cell foam pad.

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Todd Arroyo
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Re: Diamond Cut Compound
December 20, 2001 04:33AM
It sounds like to me youre letting the product "work" to long. If you want to really work that product in, drop youre speed down until you dont notice the drying up anymore. Good luck
Re: Diamond Cut Compound
December 20, 2001 04:47PM
I agree, The higher speed causes heat build up quicker which will cause the compound to dri up faster.
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