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Posted by Paul Hart 
December 23, 2001 05:01AM
I recently detailed a Sunfire racecar. The man wanted his plexiglass polished. It is full of scratches and there is a haze on it. Does anyone have an idea of how to clean the plexiglass to remove the haze and lessen the scratches?
Re: plexiglass
December 23, 2001 05:21AM
You need to purchase a product called Plexus. You can also look under their website to find out a dealer near your area. Depending on how aggressive the scrathes are, you also might want to consider using the Meguiars line of plastic polish & also their plastic cleaner followed by using the Plexus.

You will be amazed with your finishing results. Enjoy!
Re: plexiglass
December 23, 2001 04:07PM
FYI.... I couldn't find any thing in my area when I looked for it. I went to the website and called them. Nothing in my area, they suggested calling a motorcycle dealership. I found it at the first dealership I called. Aslo try snowmobile dealers in applicable or marinas.

Re: plexiglass
December 24, 2001 04:21PM
TY for the info. I will try and find the product and test it out on the car on Dec 26th.
Re: plexiglass
December 24, 2001 07:03PM
You will be able to find it at your local marine strore. Good Luck with your results!
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