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Factory Drain Holes...

Posted by Toddco Bodywerkes 
Factory Drain Holes...
December 14, 2001 07:36AM
During the present & next winter months, it is essential to keep all factory drain holes from clogging up & debris & water buildup from occuring.

This has always been a large problem with factory sunroofs that get rust buildup around the weatherstrip channel. Leaves & other debris build up & traps the water in the channels causing the water to remain in this area that causes severe moisture.

The vehicles passenger doors also have drain holes along with the fenders & also the trunks of vehicles. The vehicles trunk drain holes are actually large rubber plugs under the vehicles trunk carpet areas.

A simple wire pipe cleaner will do the job without harming any painted areas. Any worn out rubber grouments on the firewall area should also be replaced so that the exposed inner area doesn't start to rust from water exposure.
Re: Factory Drain Holes...
December 16, 2001 03:59PM
especially you ford bronco fans(no hatemail please-i like em too). the tailgates on these trucks are notorius for rusting out down at the bottom by the drainholes.
Re: Factory Drain Holes...
December 17, 2001 05:52AM
This was an excellent answer I forgot to leave out. The factory tailgates always seem to get left out of the seam sealer & trapped water gets in between the tailgate skin & the inner body panel & rust forms.
Re: Factory Drain Holes...
December 17, 2001 06:08AM
Damn, allright I will jump on the band wagon and suggest something too! On pickup trucks, throw away the plastic bedliners and install or have installed a spray on or brush on bed liner. Water gets trapped in this area and causes the paint ot rust after a while. Also on the meeting points of the bedliner and the paint, the bedliner scratches the living hell out of the paint. It is also much easier to mantain the bed after the procedure is done since the bonded new bed liner is maintenance free.! WAAAAHHHOOOO its a win win situation!
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