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Brake dust

Posted by TPetch 
Brake dust
December 26, 2001 02:43PM
I have gotten lots of great advice recently on products to try that keep a good shine on my tires. However, is there anything out there that makes it easier to remove brake dust from my rims? In my humble opinion, I believe that great looking tires are that "first impression" to a well-detailed vehicle. As with most "novices" on this board, I really appreciate the experts taking time from their busy days to help answer our questions. Thanks guys.
Re: Brake dust
December 27, 2001 02:10AM
Personally, I don't use the wheel cleaners available because of the dangers that can occur with using them. You can find an assortment of wheel brushes that can reach almost anywhere to scrub them down,inside and outside. You can also pull the wheels a couple of times a year and give them a good cleaning and polishing. This will help in making brake dust removal easier. Just don't forget to retorque the wheels to factory specs.
Re: Brake dust
December 27, 2001 04:06AM
For removing heavy brake dust I use Valugaurd's custome wheel cleaner, the best stuff I have tried and the safest as well. I only use this initially to remove the heavy "stuck on" stuff, then I just make sure to clean the vehicle regualarly to avoid another heavy accumilation to occur. I use the regular car wash soap or if you want the best I would get Valugaurds PH7 surface conditioner. Also take Gary's spetn shine's advice on the brushes.Good luck
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