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<b>Changes to the look and feel of the message board</b>

Posted by <b>Admin</b> 
<b>Changes to the look and feel of the message board</b>
December 15, 2001 01:42AM

It's been a couple of days now and I like the way the new message board is working out. I think it'll be a change for the better.

I made one adjustmenet that I'd like to get comments on. I reconfigured things so that the entire thread is visible with graphical lines to indicate the order, etc. This also means that there is a lot more to read and look at. What does everyone think? Too complicated? Let me know as it can be easily changed back.

Any other comments, etc. are welcome. Reply to this topic on the message board or email me at detailboard@web-cars.com.

Thanks to everyone for their support and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Paul Pollock
WebCars! webmaster
Re: Changes to the look and feel of the message board
December 15, 2001 04:55AM
This is waaaaayyyy better! Stuff doesnt go unread, which is a great feature. keep it up!
Re: Changes to the look and feel of the message board
December 15, 2001 04:41PM
works for me. it is a neat change.
Re: Changes to the look and feel of the message board
December 15, 2001 05:56PM
congrats on the new board
Re: Changes to the look and feel of the message board
December 19, 2001 12:39PM
Thanks for the change. Makes looking for new post to a tread much easier.
I like the "new" at the end of a post to let us know of the new post.
When I toggle on the new post I'm taken to the top posting of the tread. Not a problem, but it would be nice to go straight to the newer post instead of paging down to the new post.
Your site is getting user friendly, plus gives us a forum to exchange ideas and information.
Thanks for all of your efforts.
Re: Changes to the look and feel of the message board
December 19, 2001 03:39PM

The structure of the board is just fine, however, if I had but one wish come true it would be to have the capability to "sort" the messages by date of entry.

As a frequent visitor it would let me see all of the new activity from any area of the board.

I have used the search feature and it works well but does not allow to search by date.

Those are my two cents worth and have been offered as a pure constructive comment.

Keep up the good work and improvements.
Sorting by date . . . I'll look into it. If it's offered by the existing software, then it is do able. Currently the listing is by date, with the latest at the top. This means that if a thread was started a few days ago and then someone responds to it five minutes ago, that message thread is listed at the top based on the recent response. I think what you are asking for is to have the threads listed by date the thread was started. The old (and almost forgotten) message board handled threads in that manner.

As I said, I'll look into it.

-Paul Pollock
WebCars! Webmaster
This is much eaiser. Being able to see all the comments on one page, which takes a lot less time. The old board was taking to long to get to all the comments and then back again. Thanks for all the commitment that goes into this phorum.
Re: Changes to the look and feel of the message board
December 23, 2001 03:42PM

I should have provided you better details on my request for sorting. If it is possible my thoughts on the structure is that I would like to be able to sort all messages and replies all by date.

This would allow a reader to view all messages in order of thier most current posting date regardless of when the intial post was made.

My thoughts are that it would not matter if they would be an inital post or a reply.

Hopefully the threads would remain intact but in reverse order. The threads would all reappear in strict cronological order by date and time of each threads most current message starting at the top of the board with the most current post and each date sequened thread reply would remain attached. The next post listed would be the second most current date time entry regardless of it being an inital question or a reply. This way any reply to an older post would bring it back up to the top as there would be renued activity on the subject.

I realise this may be confusing to some that are infrequent visitors as it would reverse the order of the postings so the inital question would be last on the thread. However for one that is a regular visitor it will save having to scroll through all the posts to try to spot a current reply date.

To keep the matter simple I would suggest the default structure of the board be kept as is it currently is and the date sorting option be a log in user option to be assigned only if desired.

Hope this helps spell my pipe dream out a little better.

At any rate the improvements to the board are great even without such sorting so contratulations and thanks for offering it.

For your information 1 yr ago today marks my first visit to the board and I have been a regular since. The content and dialoge of the board has been informative, entertaining and at times heartfelt.

Best of the season to you and yours and thanks again for your good work and the offering of this site.

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