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New guy - polishing/waxing

Posted by Snakebite 
New guy - polishing/waxing
March 23, 2009 01:51AM
I am new to your forum and this subject/subjects are right up my alley. I am an ex-army fellow who has a serious cleaning issue. I recently purchased a new 2009 Shelby GT500 and have a question. How often is to often when it comes to polishing/waxing. The car has 34 kms (20 miles) and I have applied 60 coats of polish/wax already. I generally polish at a 6 coats of polish to 1 coat of wax. I use Meguires No7 polish and Meguires NXT Generation 2.0 for wax. Am I doing any damage to the finish of the car by applying polish/wax this many times. When applying I do not use the circular motion but instead use the straight line method. Any thoughts and replies would be greatly appreciated. Thank and cheers
Re: New guy - polishing/waxing
March 24, 2009 12:50PM
I must be in the wrong forum as 2 days later I still have no answers. Oh well time to check out I guess
Re: New guy - polishing/waxing
March 25, 2009 12:54AM
If you are using a good paint sealant when you protect the paint you should not have to apply it more than once a month at most.

If you are using a wax then you probably should apply it every two weeks, especially if you wash the car a lot.

You do not need to polish the car unless you have scratches in the paint.

It sounds to me what you are doing is overkill.

Re: New guy - polishing/waxing
March 25, 2009 02:41AM
Thanks for the reply. I guess I apply all the wax polish for something to do as there is not much on TV these days. I phoned Meguires today and he was shocked at the fact I have polished/waxed the car 61 (62 today) times in 20 miles. By the time the first show happens in late Apr early May (it's cold up here) I hope to have 80-90 coats. For me the number of coats is a conversation piece. Oh the Meguires rep said knock yourself out as the number of coats will not hurt the paint. This was definitely a good piece of news.Again thanks for the reply
Re: New guy - polishing/waxing
March 26, 2009 03:33PM
No it will not hurt the paint, but it will not do much good either. You get too much wax on the finish and it only sits there and could leave the finish too oily which can cause it to collect unnecessary dust.

I doubt if there are anti-static agents in the wax.

Re: New guy - polishing/waxing
March 27, 2009 03:22AM
I prefer polish as it does not build up from the reading I have done. If this is incorrect please advise. re multiple coats of polish.I just remember in the army and the polishing of the boots
Re: New guy - polishing/waxing
March 27, 2009 01:31PM
Snakebite :
First off, let's get the nature of the products straight . Meguiar's #7 is a product with almost no abrasive . Its main function is to shine up the finish with polishing oils . For protection, you must apply a wax or sealant over the #7 .

Meguiar's NXT is a synthetic one-step wax with very mild cleaner . It is easy to apply and produces a great shine .

It is doubtful that you could remove a significant amount of paint , no matter how many times you apply these products . BUT!!!!....the cleaners in the products will remove some of the previously-applied NXT wax , so you are fighting yourself by trying to build up infinite coats of wax .

I'll differ with Bud on the need to apply a wax every two weeks ; In my test, NXT lasted 45 days before it stopped beading water . Mother's Original California Gold Cleaner Wax , by contrast, lasted 60 days in a separate test , while still leaving some residue on the paint .

You seem like a candidate for Zaino . I recommend that you buy Z-2 Pro in conjuction with ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator . The Z-2 Pro is completely free of cleaners . It is a pure sealant . You can apply an infinite number of coats but only 3 coats will easily last 6 months . Lay it on ultra thin and follow directions . The shine is first-rate .
You can probably apply the Z-2 over the Meg. #7 but you cannot apply it over NXT because it will not stick .
www.zainostore.com is the link .

If you like to wax cars this much, maybe you should go professional !
Re: New guy - polishing/waxing
March 29, 2009 02:46AM
I have had the pro thing suggested to me many times but I do this for pure enjoyment. Thanks for the reply. I find I polish 6-8 to 1 coat of wax.
Re: New guy - polishing/waxing
March 29, 2009 02:15PM
I'll add my 2 cents since two common facts aren't getting across. You can't "build up" polish. A polish is a paint leveler, not a protectant. The whole "replacing lost oils" is a marketing gimmick for glazes, which fill and not correct like a polish.

Waxing 60 times is useless and a waste of time. Please don't take offense to this but you aren't doing any good with all those coats of wax. A second coat can be applied -- just in case you missed a spot during the first coat. Whatever wax doesn't bond to the paint is removed when buffed off.

Go for it if you're bored and want to burn calories. I admire actvity and not sloth, so kudos.

Take care,

Precision Auto & Marine

Learn to detail boats! Visit www.detailtheboat.com

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Re: New guy - polishing/waxing
March 29, 2009 04:57PM
Great to see you posting again.

On the issue of multiple coats of wax :
Meguiar's recommends up to three extra coats of their #26 Yellow Wax on bug and tar prone areas because the extra coats keep the bugs from getting as good a hold on the finish. I've tried it and it works. #26 is not very long-lasting, though, no matter how many coats you apply . It is true that subsequent coats don't add a proportionate amount of durability.

Zaino may be unique in that it CAN be applied in an infinite number of coats with proportionate results. I assume Snakebite did not yet visit the Zaino site to see the testimonials and pics from show car guys...
Re: New guy - polishing/waxing
March 30, 2009 03:56PM
Compounds are for correcting paint finish problems

Polishes/Swirl Removers are for leveling or smoothing out the paint and/or for removing swirls

Waxes are for protecting paint finishes (not as durable as paint sealants and more oily)

Paint Sealants are for protecting paints (more durable than waxes and not as oily)

One Steps are a combination of light cleaners and cheap protection (that is why high shine, no durability). They correct minor problems, polish (smooth) and protect (alittle bit maybe 2 weeks) Best for dealer cars.

Glazes are body shop safe (no wax or silicone) polishes/swirl removers

That is the best definition of detailing terms. Use them when judging a product.

Re: New guy - polishing/waxing
May 07, 2009 05:56PM
I get the feeling that "you can lead a horse to Zaino but you can't make him drink."

We still haven't heard whether Snakebite visited the Zaino site and what he thought about it. www.zainostore.com

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