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What is shine and beading really worth as far as money is concerned?

Posted by billd55 
What is shine and beading really worth as far as money is concerned?
March 28, 2011 04:56PM
I am not posting this for a fight with Bud that will result in one of his many
quotes from others as a response.I have nothing against Bud's Diamond Plus Sealant,but ask everyone here to look closely at his product description.

Unquestioningly the finest and most carefully formulated paint sealant on the market. USC rated Diamond Shine Plus as the BEST wax and paint sealant on the market after being put up against 25 of the best waxes and paint sealants on the market! Factors to determine results included gloss, durability and corrosion resistance. Diamond Shine Plus was proven to: 1. Increase the gloss of the test area by 20% or more 2. Lose less than 2% of the gloss after the washings 3. Not lose any water beading during and after the 12 washings 4. Exhibit corrosion protection that was better than the unwaxed control panel

He may be right in what he says, but after many years is the best the industry has to offer as far as products go.

A 20% increase in shine

It will not loose beading after 12 washes

It will exhibit better corrosion protection than a unwaxed control panel.

I am sorry, but I think these results are pathetic at best.Shine and beading
is all today's products offer if you use the right soap and washing methods
that extend their life span.These are basically the same products resold over
and over again.

My question to you all is this? What is shine and beading worth. Some $600 for
a can of wax, or $26.95 for a gallon of Diamond Plus.To me it is worth little.

Sure I like a shiny car, but beading water means nothing more than a neat effect that prevents water spots at best.As far as real paint protection goes beading offers zero protection benefits. I could apply motor oil on my paint, and I am sure that would offer more corrosion protection than a unwaxed panel.

Clearly the industry could produce better protection products than these if the public demanded it. Although, why do they need to when these products keep
selling under a new marketing campaign.Maybe it is time to expect more from
the products we pay good money for besides a shine and how well it beads water.

What really amazes me about these products is that they keep selling. Would you buy the first Apple computer made if Apple tried to sell it to you today?Not
likely, but why not ? Because another company came out with a better product.
Now we are conditioned to expect more from a computer every year.

Well why should this not be the case for paint protection products.Because
this industry gets away with it, and certain people in the industry say this
is the best that can be manufactured. This is far from true, and I am trying
my best to make this point.
Re: What is shine and beading really worth as far as money is concerned?
March 28, 2011 06:58PM
People buy what they do for many reasons.

May be price, may be perception of certain things,possibly that in their use of it, it seems to proform better, a friend or fellow professional recommended doing such, on and on.

Products do change in their chemistry, some due to new, improved components, legal requirements (VOC), and such.

Before I retired, after over a decade of working with the last company, I can say that there were less than 10% of the product line that was still being produced using the original formulations.

Lots of reason for making changes, just like in life, sometimes we have to change not because we want to, but because we have to.
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