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Bad algae on convertible canvas roof?

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Bad algae on convertible canvas roof?
January 29, 2012 12:08PM

A client has an issue with returning Algae on his canvas roof. What's a good way to permanently remove this? Doesn't odour killer with chlorine dioxide kill this sort of bloom? I was thinking of using a combination of methods, including APC with added chlorine dioxide and the extractor, then steam cleaning, followed by more chlorine dioxide undiluted with my Tornador. I will most likely finish with a good sealant.

My only concern is perhaps the odour killer chem might advance colour-fading of the roof? It is a wine coloured canvas roof.

I don't get much of this problem in, so if you have any tips or tricks please send them my way!

Thanks smiling smiley
Re: Bad algae on convertible canvas roof?
January 30, 2012 12:03AM
A more simple approach and one that should not fade the top would be to follow the manufacturer's instruction for dilution and put a small quantity of bleach in water and spray that on the top. The bleach will kill the algae. But follow the manufacturer's instructions for dilution without fading the color.

Bud Abraham
Re: Bad algae on convertible canvas roof?
January 30, 2012 08:47AM
That's interesting. Thanks, Bud. Thought it would have affected the colour, but I will check it out. Great idea.

Cheers. smiling smiley
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