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newbie with a few questions

Posted by personal touch 
newbie with a few questions
June 19, 2012 05:25PM
Hello everyone,

I'm about 50% ready to open a mobile detail business. I live in Texas and have been reading up on the clean water act. I went to price my trailer and 225 gl water tank and asked about a water reclaim system. The guy told me that he hasn't sold any of those systems, he said he didn't think Texas was really enforcing that regulation yet. Any Texans or anyone else for that matter on here that would like to chime in on what I should do about my wash water? I want to have a water reclaim system so that I am in compliance and do not want to get fined as a result. If you have a water reclaim system where do you dispose of the wash water.

I'm not wanting to offer any buffing services for swirl marks as I want to get some hands on training first. I know that swirl marks can be a PITA if not done right. I will be offering a waxing service, paint protectant service, am I making a huge mistake by not offering a buffing service starting out? I have read to many horror stories about guys spending hours upon hours trying to get swirl marks out only to make it worse. Trying to avoid that.

Are there any particular licenses etc I need to get this up and running. I know I need to register my business, get a Tax ID, get a sales tax permit etc(maybe I'm not 50% ready after allsmiling smiley I read that I will need garage keepers insurance, how much should I expect to pay for that? Anything else you guys can think of to help me get this up and running would be great. I want to do this industry proud and not just do a half ass job on any service.

I'm going with a 200-225 gl tank because I'm wanting to get a fleet service or two. I read on one forum where some guys said anyting more than 100 gls is really too much unless you have fleet service. Looking forward to learning from you guys what I can.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: newbie with a few questions
June 19, 2012 08:26PM
Ken, I'm a few thousand miles away across the atlantic but I would say if you have room for the big tank, then invest in that. Better to have too much than too little and perhaps also you won't need to be filling it up every day.

For a buffing service, start off gently with a gloss enhancement service. Check what type of clients you get in your area. Perhaps you just need a safe DA with a good All-In-One, maybe followed by a glaze and/or a sealant. If you fix their paint, they won't get on a regular appearance maintenance program. If they do wish to have their paint corrected, then you will need to charge extra.

You can do good paint correction with a DA if you use the right pads, polishes and plenty of practice first. Make sure the pads stay clean and you won't inflict swirls. Rotaries are better, but you need a lot of experience with them before you could offer it as a professional service.
Re: newbie with a few questions
August 10, 2012 04:23AM
Register your business as an LLC. Limited Liability Company, this will keep your personal assets seperate from your business assets, keep a detailed record of your mileage, so you can write a percentage off at the end of the year, keep all receipts for product, you can write a percentage of those at the end of the tax year,make a pre-inspection worksheet and waiver of liability form for the customer to sign -off on
these are to help you with possible claims. to save time and money for employess, you could hire them as independant contactors, that way you don't have to pay employee tax or workers comp, just 10-99 them at the end of the tax year, and make sure they sign a non-compete agreement
If you want more help, I have such document I can send to you for review

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Re: newbie with a few questions
August 13, 2012 07:06PM
Thanks Adaircare, I would appreciate the document. Send it to kp2743@att.com
Re: newbie with a few questions
August 26, 2012 12:42AM
I have sent you a template of the pre-inspection work sheet
Re: newbie with a few questions
August 26, 2012 01:04AM
I also have sent you a template for the waiver of liability form, you can edit it if you need to, I wish I was there to help you build your company, good luck on your endeavor.. Adaircare
Re: newbie with a few questions
August 30, 2012 08:46AM
Hello Ken and/or Adaircare,

I am also a newbie looking to open up my own mobile auto detailing business. Can I please get a copy of the pre-inspection worksheet and waiver of liability form as well. I am excited at the opportunity to start making a profit for doing something I enjoy. Good Luck Ken! Thanks Adaircare!

My email is rmarquez33@hotmail.com
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