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Clay Towel

Posted by buda 
Clay Towel
September 24, 2012 04:08AM
Any of you Detailers using the clay towel?

What do think of it?

Bud Abraham
Re: Clay Towel
September 25, 2012 02:03AM
Ive used it at the Chicagoland meet, and it is great. It does a better job then regular clay and is much faster. I hear that it is very expensive, and although it would be great for a pro. , but for a weekend polisher I dont know.They said that it will do a hundred cars , and if it gets dirty or you drop it on the flood you simply just rinse it off. Yes Bud it is great if you can get the price down.
Re: Clay Towel
September 26, 2012 02:18AM
The use of "clay" or a "clay towel" is just like putting a band-aid on an open wound.
Seems to appear to resolve the concern, for a short time, however, in reality, unless it is overspray, etc, not acids, acid rain swelling/deposits, or ferrous metals particles, just a quick fix.
The concern will return very quickly, once exposed to the two main "reactives" that a finish has to be subjected to, moisture and heat.
That is a proven, documentated finding by most vehicle manufacturers and their paint suppliers.
Easy sell, though to the "vehicle" owner, "look, it is smooth", ta, da, ta, da, ta, da.
Re: Clay Towel
September 27, 2012 04:23AM
Ketch :
The clay is not intended to neutralize acid rain etc.

Clay's job is to loosen and pick up above-surface bonded contaminants . It does this job well and without removing paint or scratching appreciably .

In addition, clay can be used to remove brake dust from wheels, remove paint overspray, and shave off deposits on glass windshields and headlights .

I've used Meguiar's consumer line of clay with their Quik Detailer spray with good results, tried Malm's De-racer clay with Malm's Nee-too detailing spray -also good but a small bar provided . I used Turtle Wax professional coarse clay to clean up encrusted wheels .

I tried Zaino's clay, which is supposed to be used with Zaino Car Wash Concentrate . I ignored the instructions and used it with Nee-too spray instead. The Zaino clay is sticky and did not glide well on the Nee-too spray . I suspect that when I obey the instructions and test it out with Zaino Car Wash Concentrate, it will work better .

Now there are clay sponges, clay towels, Turtle Wax Liquid Clay Bar---even a buffing pad designed to hold a clay bar from Griot's Garage . There's coarse clay for body shop use ( and some detailing tasks ) and fine clay for most detailing .

Pro Tip : It saves time to clay after washing and before drying the car .

If you clay a car before polishing or waxing, the clay removes old wax and removes contaminants that could be picked up by a buffing pad and produce scratches . It is a great invention and allows a detailer to do a better job .
No wonder it is easy to sell clay to the vehicle owner----and used car dealer----and detailer---and body shop owner...
Re: Clay Towel
September 27, 2012 03:41PM
I know all about clay, was first exposed to it while at Finish Kare in 1993.
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