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DETAIL PLUS Introduces Nanotech...

Posted by buda 
DETAIL PLUS Introduces Nanotech...
October 06, 2012 06:03PM
In response to the market demands for paint finishing chemicals that contain the new Nano Technology, DETAIL PLUS has reformulated their compounds, swirl-remover/polish and paint sealant with some of the lastest nanotech ingredients and they are now available to the market:

800 Grit Heavy Compound
1200 Grit Medium Compound
2000 Grit Light Compound
FINE FINISH - Microfine Compound


DIAMOND Shine PLUS Sealant

Bud Abraham
Re: DETAIL PLUS Introduces Nanotech...
October 06, 2012 11:20PM
can you elaborate and explain the nano technology how it works and how it is different from previous technology.
Re: DETAIL PLUS Introduces Nanotech...
October 07, 2012 03:23PM

If you search the forum you will see there are numerous posts on this subject. You will see that I initially criticized those who were touting the companies who were using nano technology.

However, after consulting with my chemist and others I know in the detail chemical industry I found that there are nano tech ingredients that can enhance the quality of a paint finishing chemical and thusly we asked our chemist to re-formulate all our products to include the best nano tech ingredients.

The concept of nano tech which I know you understand is far too complicated to simply give a short answer here on the post, plus I am not going to publicly say what we have done to our products to make them "nanotech friendly."

Just google nano technology and you can find a much better explanation that I could give in any case.

Bud Abraham
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