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Remove Armor All residue?

Posted by Cindy 
Remove Armor All residue?
November 10, 2002 03:34PM
I let someone clean my car, and they have applied the real shiny Armor All to every inch of my interior, plus my windshield has a glaze on it, and there are little spots on my paint. Is there a safe way to remove all of the shiny residue? I don't like the way it looks (or smells!) 2002 Jaguar X-type, with leather interior...Thanks!
First of all if you had it cleaned at a business take it back and tell them your not happy with the appearence of your interior.
If a friend did it I'd still let them know.
And if its as shiny as you say its not Armor All window cleaner will cut through and clean it off you may have to go over it more than once also on the paint then wax over the areas you used window cleaner on the painted surfaces.
For your windshield use window cleaner with a fine steel wool toi
remove the haze. I hope this helpes you.

Re: Remove Armor All residue?
November 10, 2002 07:09PM
A wash with a MILD dish soap solution will remove the ?Armor All? residue from the paint & exterior of the car without wreaking havoc on your wax job.

DO NOT use steel wool (no matter how fine) on a newer car's windows. Car windows ARE NOT made like household windows. Car windows are more acrylic than actual glass and can scratch very easily...prove it you say?? Look how easily windshields get scratched by the wiper blades if there is grit on the window.

More proof? I recently cleaned an ex-police car for a buddy. I used a scotch-brite type pad to help clean some kind of gooey, sticky crap from the inside of the windshield. The pad was not new, I had used it for a few weeks doing dishes, and the pad was relatively soft. In one area, I left fine scratches in the 'glass.'

-ghost of a past detailer
Re: Remove Armor All residue?
November 11, 2002 01:38AM
to the "Ghost"...
Thank you for your advice on the windshield and the exterior...will it be safe to use mild dish soap on the interior as well, or just water?...Cindy
Re: Remove Armor All residue?
November 13, 2002 02:33AM
For the interior, dish soap is fine (on tough stains/dirt, Simple Green is awesome). Oils from our skin gets all over everything we touch in the car, and clear water won't remove it (ever take a close look at an armrest (either door or console)? All that black/dark colored gunk in the texture is primarily dirt and oils from our own skin. Personally, I prefer the look of 'clean' vinyl compared to the look of 'treated' vinyl, so once I clean it, I leave it alone, but that choice is up to you or your customer.

-ghost of a past detailer
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