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Removal of the steering wheel

Posted by Robert Levert 
Jaguar E-Type Masthead

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Removal of the steering wheel
October 08, 2002 07:15PM
Hello everybody!
I am the proud owner of a series-1 4.2L E-type (1967). I have to remove my (original) steering wheel. In order to do this I need to remove the horn assembly. I was unable to find a document explaining how it is possible to remove this horn assembly without damaging it. Has anyone already done this job? What is the big secret? Please let me know!
Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards. Robert
Re: Removal of the steering wheel
October 13, 2002 07:02PM
hi. there is a grub screw behind the s/wheel in the boss.
Re: Removal of the steering wheel
November 12, 2002 08:44PM
Hallo Robert!
See that You remove 3 "grub screw" as Victor Jenkins says!
I did not "see" more than one and had a small damage.
Good Luck Ray Sweden

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