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Weird Ignition Problem

Posted by Evan Ruff 
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Weird Ignition Problem
May 12, 2003 03:29AM
Hey There,

I have a Series 1 1/2 (Car:13000s) and I have a very pecuiler problem. The car will drive absoulty fine with no problems and then explicably start missing, then sometimes it will and sometimes it won't fix itself. Sometimes it will stall, sometimes not.

I have replaced the points, the condensor, the wires, the coil, the timing seems right on at idle, I have had the carburators professionally dialed in and the fuel pump is working (evidence of the gasoline stain on my wall 10 feet away...) I have swapped out the distributor from a running etype and the problem still existed.

There is one small thing that I found: the wire going from the coil to the distributor seems to have some loose connections. I'm going to replace the wire and see if it solves the problem, could that be it??

Does anyone have any ideas as to what else this could be? It's quite a doozy!

Re: Weird Ignition Problem
July 14, 2005 09:37AM
Did you find problem?

I have something similar now.


Re: Weird Ignition Problem
July 20, 2005 11:17PM
when it stalls does it start right up, or not? check your distributer rotor on its under side very carfuly for a small burn through you may want to use a magnifing glass. also check your cap the same way. the wire from the dist could cause the problem. i dont think series 1.5 have a ballast resister but if it does it could cause it also
Re: Weird Ignition Problem
September 13, 2005 09:09PM
move the coil to a cooler place!
Re: Weird Ignition Problem
October 06, 2005 05:33AM
I had a TR-8 that had that problem and it drove me nuts. I finally traced it to an ignition wire that was grounding out very intermittantly. I stumbled on it when I had the hood open in a dark garage with the engine running and a small spark caught my eye. Check the wiring around the coil and distributer very closely as if it's a short it's happening on the backside of a wire where you can't really see it.

1973 E-type
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