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Proper Brake Fluid

Posted by Dennis H Kirkwood 
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Proper Brake Fluid
May 17, 2003 02:50AM
Just became the proud owner of a 1965, Series I and yes I am quite happy at the moment. I don't have all the manuals as yet; although, wanted to top off the brake fluid. What information I do have, states that the recommended fluid is (or was) Castrol/Girling Crimson Clutch/Brake Fluid SAE J1703A. I called the local Jaguar dealer who stated that the current fluid used in the new cars is Dot-4 and it conforms to SAE J1703...no "A"

Could any of you be kind enough to confirm the proper fluid to use. I do plan on draining and flushing the system prior to adding any fluid

Brighton, Michigan USA
Re: Proper Brake Fluid
July 17, 2003 02:14AM
I'm not positive on the fluid but I have a jag book that says to use the one you referred to (the Castrol Gerling) and the book cautions to us eproper fluid or damage to lines and seals may occur. Let me know if you confirm the Dot 4 stuff. Thanks
Re: Proper Brake Fluid
July 27, 2003 09:43PM
I ended up using the current brake fluid that the Jaguar Dealer sells. It is "Jaguar Original Brake Fluid Super Dot-4". Comes in a square green can with a yellow top, is manufactured by Jaguar Cars LTD in England and sells for $16.95 for 1/2 liter.

I believe that Castrol GT-LMA would have been just as good at anout $2 for 12 oz.

Dennis Kirkwood
Re: Proper Brake Fluid
September 08, 2003 05:38PM

Any DOT 3 or Dot 4 fluid should be OK. Just don't use DOT 5. I use Castrol GT LMA and have had no problems.
Re: Proper Brake Fluid
September 23, 2003 01:37AM
Well, here's my two cent's worth on brake fluid use in E-Types. In my '63 roadster, I switched to silicone, and (before you all choke and gasp), did so OVER 20 years ago. Only last summer did I have to put new seals on the front brake pistons. The bores were spotless, and the old silicone fluid was used to shine up my tires.
Re: Proper Brake Fluid
September 23, 2003 12:23PM
Todd, My experiences with silicon brake fluid has been the same as yours. I resently rebuilt the servo on our 69 OTS, leaking rear seal, which has had silicon fluid in it since 83-84 and found no rust, crud etc. whatsoever. Silicon is somewhat harder to bleed, costs more and leaves leaves a slightly softer pedal but the thought of no damage to paint, little to none water absorbation and not having to change the fluid every few years makes it worthwhile. Dennis, did you know there is a very active Jag club within 20 miles of you?
Re: Proper Brake Fluid
September 23, 2003 02:48PM
I was told that it was no problem to go to silicone if you've renwewed the system, ie. new seals in the calipers and rebuilt master/slave cylinders, but if you have not done so you might have a problem with the original rubber seals not being compatible w/ the silicone fluid.

Maybe it is just one of those myths that the old timers tell, if so I'll be swiching to silicone.

Jeff MacGregor
Re: Proper Brake Fluid
November 09, 2003 06:25PM
I recently used Valvoline synthetic brake fluid which did reference the
recommended J1703A code right on the back of the plastic bottle. It also
said it exceeeded all Dot3 and Dot4 specifications.

Paul R. Denault
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