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V12 E type fuel leakage

Posted by staurt mallen 
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V12 E type fuel leakage
April 07, 2004 07:17AM
When my electric fuel pump is running and the engine isn't, fuel is running out of all 4 carburetors (stromberg cd 2). It apears to be flowing out of two small holes which are located above main air in flow hole. The gasket between the air cleaner housing and the carb' body has holes in it which allow these holes to be seen. I don't think all four needles would be leaking at once?
Re: V12 E type fuel leakage
August 04, 2004 03:42PM
My best bet would be that the needle valves are sticking. If two are sticking (possible) the excess fuel will flow to another via the transfer pipe. Take the carbs off the car (a bit fiddly but a right-angled spannner helps) then invert them and remove the float chambers. Make sure you buy new gasgets first. Carefully clean the needles and the chambers and make sure that the float height is correct. This should be 16.5 mm from the face of the carb. body to the highest point on the floats. If it is not, bent the float arms slightly to obtain the right dimension.

When you replace the needle valve, don't over tighten the alloy washer.

My V12 suffers from this problem if I let it run out of fuel when I'm warming it up on the drive. I think it pulls up some muck in the tank which sticks the needle vaves.

Sorry this is a very late comment, but I have only just spotted it
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