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Where find VIN on 1967 E-Type coupe

Posted by Anders 
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Where find VIN on 1967 E-Type coupe
April 13, 2004 09:49PM
Hi guys,
I am a novis on theese cars, but have found a old beauty for sale and wounder where to look for her identification numbers?? What and where should they be? And is there some kind of register that I can check that it`s identity still is hers and not used,stolen etc? Thankful for help, please send email to a.sven@online.no Thanks,Anders.
Where's the Engine # on a '69 2+2??
January 07, 2005 11:08PM
I have an opportunity to purchase an all time favorite!! A 1969 2+2. The car is beautiful but I can't verify where the Engine VIN # is in order verify that it is the original engine?

Can someone please help????? I'm desperate!!!!

Thank you!!


Atlanta, GA USA
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