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Stromberg Carb Problem

Posted by Richard Brown 
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Stromberg Carb Problem
May 17, 2004 05:51PM
I have a '68 series 1 1/2 coupe with Stromberg carbs, after leaving it sit for 2 weeks, when I started it the fuel pump kept running pumping gas into and flooding the carbs and air filter etc.
Firstly what signals the fuel pump to stop running, the floats?? If so is there a way to tell if the float is sticking before I tear them a part?? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

regards Richard Brown.
Re: Stromberg Carb Problem
May 20, 2004 01:30PM
From memory the pump only runs when it has somewhere to pump ie thereis no return line . A stuck float or needle simply lets the pump run on. Sometimes tapping the bowl will do the trick - although if the problem persists the carb could probably do with a clean.
Re: Stromberg Carb Problem
June 17, 2004 12:29AM
Richard -- I have just seen your message. I agree with Graham - there is no return valve on your car so the pump will continue to run if the fuel is escaping. The most likely cause is a sticking needle valve. My V12, with 4 Strombergs, has this problem if I leave it standing for a long time. To fix it, take the carbs off, invert them and remove the float chambers; remove the needle valve ( which you will then see) and clean them up. Get new float chamber gaskets beforehand if you can. Don't overtighten the valve when refitting it. Hope this helps.

Paul Wiltshire
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