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Posted by Matthew T 
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May 30, 2004 09:51PM
My brother just took delivery of a 1973 2+2 V12 e-type.
He's not mechanically inclined...I am somewhat.
I checked his carbs and they all had very little trace of oil in the dashpot. I am familiar with SU carbs, but not Stromberg's. (I'm assumming it's the same theory).....I filled then to just below the theads with ATF. The car seems to bog down when the initially accelerating.
Should I be using a thicker/thinner oil? Have I used too much oil..?
Secondly.....Ive never heard..let alone driven a V12. The sound at idle was a sound I didn't expect. It sounds like a 6 cyl. Could one side of the exhaust be plugged...? (I didn't think to put my ear down to the pipes).

Thanks for any replies...excuse my nievety..
Re: Carbs
June 16, 2004 11:53PM

Mathew - the oil for the dashpots should be engine oil or thinner. You may have overfilled a little - it should be about a quarter of an inch below the top of the tube. If there is too much in there just remove the covers - 4 screws- empty out and start again.

A V12 E Type - when properly tuned - will be smooth at tick-over. The usual cause for lumpy tickover will be the carbs not in sync. One,two or three of them will have an idle setting different from the others. There are four idle setting screws - back them off and then screw down equally.
Importantly, between each pair of carbs there is a screw which holds the link between them together. Make sure these screws are just in contact with the link.

If you think that one bank of 6 cylinders is not operating you would certainly know about it! The car would be unlikely to move when in gear and it would tick over like a pig. If this is happening, suspect the twin headed fuel pump - one pump may be failing, thus limiting the supply.
There are no separate electrics to each bank of cylinders (except obviously the plug leads), so if one side is dodgy, it is likely to be a fuel supply problem or, much more likely, a carb set up issue.

Hope this helps.
Re: Carbs
June 17, 2004 02:37AM
Thanks Paul,

I've since checked the plugs. Seems the wrong ones might be in there.
Also...looks like 3 are running a little lean and one a little too rich.
It went into the garage today to have things gone over....mechanic has worked on E-types before.

Thanks for your reply Paul!
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