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1970 E-type Value

Posted by Paul Scofield 
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1970 E-type Value
May 28, 2005 08:10PM
I'm considering making an offer on a 1970 E-Type (hrdtop) I think they call it a 2+2 ?
I don't know anything about jag's as I have been restoring Sunbeams for some years. I am looking for something new.
This car has no rust and appears to be complete. But it needs a COMPLETE restoration. Is sitting on 4 flat tires under a cover in a yard close to me.

So any ball park $$ on what these go for?

Re: 1970 E-type Value
May 30, 2005 11:46AM
Hi Paul,
I can't answer your question because, well.......I'm you. And I asked it. But hang in there, this board can't be as dead as it seems!

Re: 1970 E-type Value
May 30, 2005 11:49AM
After further considerstion, this board is as dead as it seems. There have only been 5 posts in the month of May. This is normally the time of year that folks are dusting off the British cars and getting ready for summer.
Jag guys must be different.

Go back to Sunbeams, there is no hope.

Paul (you)
Re: 1970 E-type Value
May 31, 2005 12:44AM
Hi Paul,

I just found this list myself. Trying to figure out how it works.

I have a 64 roadster, together but in need of restoration.

I think that the 2 + 2 as you describe should be in the $6k to 10K range, all depending on condition. As you are probably aware, the 2+2 is th least desireable e-type.

Still a very nice car in my opinion.

Re: 1970 E-type Value
August 02, 2005 08:48PM
Hi there !
Just found this site myself !
I can second the previous value estimate as to a poor condition car.
If it has no visible rust but is on flats and otherwise poor appearance, it probably has some hidden that needs attending as well.

A 2+2 hardtop in great condition I estimate to from $15K up to $20K

Peter from Sweden
Etype roadster -69

(9 O 9)
<b>Re: 1970 E-type Value</b>
August 08, 2005 08:09PM
<HTML>A lot depends on how much work is needed. It would be very easy for a 1970 2+2 to be in such bad shape that it would not be considered a candidate for restoration.

Be very careful and look it over thoroughly. Keep in mind that everything on an E-Type is much more expensive and complicated than what you are used to with the Sunbeams.

Very nice 2+2 E-Types are easily purchased for less than $20,000; often much less as Peter Gawell pointed out.

Offhand my opinion is that if you are interested in restoring an E-Type, pick a roadster or maybe even a two seater coupe. The effort will be the same but you'll have a more valuable car when you are finished.


Paul Pollock
WebCars! Webmaster</HTML>
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