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First Drive

Posted by Liam Anton 
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First Drive
August 11, 2005 03:31PM

I got a days hire of a '66 3.8 e-type as a 40th birthday present (yum!) Was hoping for a dry weekend, but look like it's going to chuck it down. As someone whose only experiend of RWD is a Morris Minor, I was wondering what the wet handling of the Jag is like? Anything to watch out for? Any other driving tips very, very gratefully received!

Cheers all.

<b>Re: First Drive</b>
August 13, 2005 02:49AM
<HTML>I would be very careful if I was in a "borrowed" E-Type and it was raining.

The biggest question: What are the tires like? Hopefully they have a lot of tread on them, which really helps with wet conditions.

The other question: are the tires a modern make / model, or is the car fitted with authentic rubber? The authentic rubber is likely to be less forgiving than what is available today.

The E-Type has a lot of power; are you used to that kind of car? If not, I'd be very careful as you can be going faster than you want to if you are not careful. Since you seem to be used to front wheel drive, which is better able to handle wet conditions, I'd be very cautious with the E-Type. Take it slow and deliberate until you are very familiar with the car and the conditions.

I don't know of anything specifically about the E-Type that would make it exceptionally hazardous in the rain other than the top can leak.



Paul Pollock
WebCars! Webmaster
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