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what jag is my rev counter from?

Posted by matt disney 
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what jag is my rev counter from?
August 15, 2005 06:43PM

I have a rev counter (tachometer) which I was lead to believe is from a mk1 jag e-type as it has a clock at the bottom. The pictures I've found show the the rev range from 0-6000rpm where as the one I have has a rev range from 0-6500rpm! Its a Smith & Son's dial with a clock at the bottom and a date stamp on the rear of OCT 1964. I just need to know what car it is exactly from? I know it's a stange question, but can anyone help? Thank you.

Matt Disney
Re: what jag is my rev counter from?
January 28, 2006 12:32AM
Hi. Think you might find it's from a Daimler 250. that little V8 could turn a bit faster than the old Jaguar lump. 3.8E went to 6000 with the red line from 5500 to 6000.
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