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Posted by Brian McCartie 
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October 31, 2005 04:36PM
I am interested in buying a 2+2 - probably spending $19-$23k. What is the best year from a reliability stand point and what should I expect to pay in maintenance fees to keep it running keeping in mind I will be doing none of it myself
<b>Re: reliability</b>
November 01, 2005 09:07PM
<HTML>As a general rule, the later years are more reliable.

Considering the fact that any E-Type you buy is more than 30 years old, reliability, even under the best circumstances, will not be comparable to a present day car. I mention this because reliabilty seems important to you.

>> keeping in mind I will be doing none of it myself
Who will be doing the work? Hopefully you have a good shop in mind as this is critical. I would have the shop look over any potential purchase candidate as this will be critical.

How knowlegeable about cars are you? If the answer is "not very" than I would suggest you increase your knowlege base. Without at least some background in cars, and preferably one in classic cars, your E-Type owning experience might not be a good one.

Look over the ownership page at <a href="[www.web-cars.com]; for more information.


Paul Pollock
WebCars! Webmaster
Re: reliability
November 08, 2005 09:50AM
A year and a half ago, I bought a 2+2 E Type (XKE) 1970 Series 2. I have a basic knowledge of cars (do my own servicing, but that's about all), and I bought it with an MOT (UK certificate of roadworthiness). I paid £14,750 ($26,000). It is now only just roadworthy, after 18 months and £5,500 ($9,600) extra spend!!
Please be careful! You must at least have a friend who knows about these cars and take him with you when you buy one.
If I hadn't loved it unconditionally, I would have given up long ago!
Dave Horton, Reading, UK
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