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engine id

Posted by strasser 
Jaguar E-Type Masthead

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engine id
January 17, 2006 06:19PM
hello to everyone , i try to do my best in english and it s not so easy . i need help , i ve buy a engine for my e type 2+2 1969 , european style , 3 carburetors and jaguar 4 speed gearbox . i have different numbers on the engine ; under the carburator : C28807FF ; same side near the oil filter very small :7l1018 other side ( exhaust ) in the bottom near cluth : F1 17.6.1968 . thank you and happy new year
Re: engine id
January 28, 2006 12:23AM
Hi from UK. You have found some manufacturing numbers. these are not the engine ID. (Help me out '68 owners 'cos I'm playing from memory here) - You should be looking for a number stamped on the cylinder head, between the camshaft cover and no.6 (front) spark plug. Should say something like "RAxxxx-9". the same number should be stamped on the bellhousing flange above the starter
Re: engine id
September 30, 2006 09:31PM
The S2 2+2 engine numbers ran as follows 1R40001 - 1R44287: As Paul says it should be at the front of the cylinder head.
For more info on car numbers check out www.xkedata.com under resources.

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