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Tracing history??

Posted by Paul Newton 
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Tracing history??
January 28, 2006 12:16AM
Hi there. I live in the UK and I have been restoring a 1963 3.8 coupe for nearly 17 years. The car was imported frm Texas in 1989. Can any of you guys give me any advice as to whether it is possible to trace a car's owner history in the US? We can do it over here, but the records aren't always too good.
Any help much appreciated. Happy motoring (those of you lucky enough to have four wheels on your Jag).
Re: Tracing history??
January 31, 2006 06:27AM
That's something that is hard to do here in the states. Newer cars can be tracked by a private service called CarFax which will show state registrations, smog tests and if it has been in a major accident. Older cars are not usually in the CarFax data base but you might want to try anyway (you can find them via Google). If the car was always in Texas you might try contacting the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (in some states called Motor Vehicle Department) but often times these old cars crossed state lines then the tracking gets really hard.

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