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E-Type correct denomination (OTS, FHC, 2+2, Roadster, Coupe... ?? )

Posted by wickey 
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E-Type correct denomination (OTS, FHC, 2+2, Roadster, Coupe... ?? )
December 18, 2006 10:13AM
Hello fellow Jag enthusiasts. I am one of the admins at Internet Movie Cars Database (www.imcdb.org) and we are solving one little problem with denomination of E-Types, XK-Es.

On our site, we are trying to identify and correctly name all visible cars in the movies and E-Type is very common there too smiling smiley
Anyway to the point. We have E-Types and XK-Es arranged by years and series but we are trying to solve whether the body type denomination (Coupe, Roadster, 2+2) is the part of its model name, or not. We also have a field called Extra Info, where we usually add infos about engine; body style by 30s, 40s US cars; coachbuilders by RR and Bentley etc.

What do you think? Should be the model name as this: "E-Type Roadster" or just "E-Type" and Roadster in extra info field? Or should we use just E-Type without anything, as all the cars are divided to categories by body style generally (Sedan, coupe etc..)

here is the recent example with discussion to it:

Jaguar E-Type

Please if you have time, take a look and help us out winking smiley
For whole IMCDB staff
Re: E-Type correct denomination (OTS, FHC, 2+2, Roadster, Coupe... ?? )
December 19, 2006 05:16AM
Offhand, I would recommend just "E-Type" and Roadster in an extra info field. That's how I am used to seeing them listed.


Paul Pollock
WebCars! Webmaster
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