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Color code help

Posted by BRG61 
Color code help
February 28, 2007 01:51PM
I am looking for the color code (PPG Code) for the British Racing Green used on the e-types in 1961. Many thanks.
Re: Color code help
October 04, 2007 06:38AM
Try the pages of "spiess-hecker.de" they have all the receips of jaguar coatings back to the early 50s
Their page is -as far as i know- only in german language available.
if you need any help - please contact me

Re: Color code help
December 01, 2007 04:46PM
Hello juergenwinkler
Thanks for the reply. Are you able to find the correct color code for the e-types 1961 British Racing Green on the page you mentioned I can't make head or tails from it myself. Many thanks.
Re: Color code help
February 11, 2009 05:33AM
There are many different shades of BRG. There are as many as 4 different Jag BRG shades with the same code. The one Ive found that most closely matches the original early 60's shade is made by BASF and the code is 7414. Its a darker variant as BRG's go. Be aware that different people have differing color recognition perceptions, so mix a small amount of the various shades (variants) spray them and let them dry. Color selection is a royal Pain!!!
Re: Color code help
May 14, 2010 02:51AM
thanks for the info guys

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