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1973 gto for sale very rare

Posted by jon pence 
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1973 gto for sale very rare
December 24, 2003 06:44PM
i have a 1973 gto for sale has original motor and tranny very good shape have extra parts for it asking 2000 dollars for it.

jon pence
Re: 1973 gto for sale very rare
January 08, 2004 05:07AM
the last year of the GTO was 1972 you dont have a real gto
try again. If you were told it's a goat they lie'd to you! Do you'r home work and you to will find out.

travis williams
Re: 1973 gto for sale very rare
January 08, 2004 07:20AM
If your going by that then the first year was 1966
Re: 1973 gto for sale very rare
January 08, 2004 09:56PM
Ill agree with that

travis williams
Re: 1973 gto for sale very rare
January 08, 2004 10:01PM
here we go production numbers for the 73
25, with the 455 and a auto built
187 --.400 4bbl manual,
282 400 4bbl auto
494 total all coupes
sport coupe
519 455 4bbl auto
926 400 4bbl manual
2,867 400 4bbl auto
total 4,312 sport coupes
4,806 total production for 73

travis williams
Re: 1973 gto for sale very rare
January 14, 2004 10:48PM
There is a book titled "GTO Red Book - Pontiac GTO 1964-1974"
Re: 1973 gto for sale very rare
February 21, 2004 03:20PM
Can I get more details and pictures. Where are you located? The overall condition of car and options. Thanks
Re: 1973 gto for sale very rare
February 24, 2004 03:00AM
Come On, Travis....Options offered pre 66 and post 72 still make it a GTO, whether or not YOU feel that way. Pontiac ended it the way they came in..as an option. Were they the muscle of the later 60's...no, but they should still be respected as a Pontiac GTO.

They may not be your cup of tea, but stop flinging insults to those who do like them, and consider them GTOs. Needless insults to others...you are very knowledgable, and I as well as any one respect you for that, but go easy on us post 72 owners.

Maybe GTO was not just an option in the years that you prefer, but they were still just glorified Lemans bodies, to which were called GTO's. No different than the others, just carried the GTO tags and options above and beyond the standard Lemans.

How are they really all that different than the ones offering GTO as an option? They aren't...just a different dollar value and desire, but all GTO's. Call it what you will, but that is really how it is...
Re: 1973 gto for sale very rare
February 24, 2004 09:24PM
pre-'66 not real?
funny thing about that. at the scotsdale '04 barrett-jackson auction in january. a 1965 gto convertible was sold for $75,600, not bad for a wannabe. also they had they had a '64 convert that went for $55,000. These are not isolated cars. the trends from this and other auctions are that these "not real" gto's seem to hold more value than your "real" cars such as the '68 to '70 that are in similar condition. they had an exceptional judge('70 i think?)that sold for around $51,000(rare). Tony's right - option or not, a gto is gto. any goat on the road is good for us and for the hobby. having different styles is not all bad , it caters to a broad group of people. my personel favorites are the '64 and '65 but i respect and welcome all who have put time and money into their cars.
Re: 1973 gto for sale very rare
March 03, 2004 07:46PM
hi im looking for a 67 pontiac gto parts car or complete car , possibly trade for a 67 mustang coupe, fixed up
Re: 1973 gto for sale very rare
March 26, 2004 02:23AM
AMEN 6t5goat! There is also a 74 on ebay right now with bids up past $10K it is at:


One sold out of hemmings last month for over $16K

I sure have never seen a 74 Ventura go for that! They must REALLY be GTO's, hey Travis!
Re: 1973 gto for sale very rare
April 02, 2004 03:05AM
Dear Jon, my name is Gt Arias, I'm in the market for a GTO, I was wondering what kinda of shape the caris in and if you still have it, it you still have it please contact me and please give me a town or city where you live and or where you live near.

Re: 1973 gto for sale very rare
June 08, 2004 03:54PM
Please email info if this car is still available.

Thanks in Advance
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