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HELP! Color change question, Should I?

Posted by Simon D. Ebenstein 
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HELP! Color change question, Should I?
September 01, 2005 05:26PM
Hi, I need HELP!!!!
I would like some input.
I have purchased a 1964 GTO code (C) Cameo Ivory that is painted White, which I will be repainting. I would like to paint it (House of Colors) White Diamond Pearl and would like to know if will decrease the value of this number matching Goat.
Thanks for your input, Simon (Old Goat)
Re: HELP! Color change question, Should I?
September 02, 2005 02:25AM
Well...all original is definately where the most value is, so yes, it will likely hurt some. But...it can always be changed back. Paint it the color you want, and enjoy it!!!!!
Re: HELP! Color change question, Should I?
February 20, 2009 06:11PM
don't do it..I did it once years ago on a car I had and always regretted it.
All the glass has to come out,as well as mouldings, door seals ect.

leave it stock...it will be worth more as time goes on. it's a GTO..please don't destroy it being a "classic" by changing the color
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