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1965 gto vin numbers

Posted by petaluma 
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1965 gto vin numbers
December 01, 2005 11:20PM
can someone tell me if vin number 237675P219377 is a good number for a 1965 GTO convertible or is this car a clone ? I have been looking for a car and dont want to get ripped off
Re: 1965 gto vin numbers
December 03, 2005 02:16AM
I"ve asked same question and every one has always told me to go with the PHS docs, Craig
Re: 1965 gto vin numbers
December 04, 2005 12:29AM
its a clone because the gtos first three digits are 242 and the lemans is 237 like yours so it is a clone, sorry bud.
Re: 1965 gto vin numbers
December 05, 2005 05:15PM
Jon I have to disagree
Pontiac went to the 242 first 3 digits only in 1966 and up for the GTO line.
1965 was a different story GTO was a option on Lemans line so every 65 GTO started with 237... I have had several.....

So the only way to tell is get that vin number to PHS and let that determine it

I have heard that a 5N on the data plate from the firewall is a code that determines GTO option as well but I would not trust that

petaluma the PHS will cost you $35 for a mailed version or if you want it quick they will fax it back within 24hours for another $10
Re: 1965 gto vin numbers
December 27, 2005 12:38AM
good accurate advice on this one the 5n only holds true at lansing mi and kansas
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