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Looking for 1964 GTO w/ Royal Bobcat package

Posted by ExploreAll 
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Looking for 1964 GTO w/ Royal Bobcat package
April 01, 2012 02:46AM
I bought new a 1964 Pontiac GTO w/ Royal Bobcat performance package incl. badges, from Dick Jesse (I'm not sure of name), Royal Pontiac in November, 1963. It was a convertable, Nocturne Blue, white orlon top, black interior, 348 cu. in., 348 hp, tri power, 4 speed, Muncie trans, no console, 2.54 1st gear, 3.54 positraction rear end, metal cintered brake drums, no power brakes, no power steering, crank roll up windows, heater, no air conditioning, radio, splitter exhaust tips, redline tires. Modifications: Isky long duration cam w/ fast bleed hydraulics lifters w/ 7200 rpm redline, dual Y steel headers w/ collector cutouts w/ cross pipe for balancing puchased from Gratiot Auto Supply , White vinyl tonneau cover, Talbot side view mirrors, gauge cluster w/ oil pressure, amp guage and oil temp, DC3 aircraft landing lights for brights headlights. I traded it in to Royal Pontiac in 1965. I'm hoping against hope I can find it regardless of condition, and obviously I will pay top dollar.
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