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April 27, 2012 04:00AM
I recently bought a 1973 GTO and have heard the stories of how hard it is to find replacements parts for the FRONT BUMPER PLASTC PANELS.

So I was surprised during one of my numerous Internet searches for parts...to discover an ALABAMA SUPPLIER who is making those identical parts.

I then called their 800 number and went over the measurements for the 3 sections of these 73 GTO bumpers parts, which, by the way, are now made of FIBERGLASS and have a LIFETIME WARRANTY to never wear out.

I think this Alabama Company is the only such business anywhere, that makes these specific parts.

The company is "REPLICA PLASTICS".
...Website: [www.replica-plastics.com]

Their Websit shows not only the 73 Lemans...But many other Classic cars....divided into the various Manufacturers.

The 73 GTO Panels & Prices are listed as follows:

1973 Lemans
POL 73 FLF Front Left Filler $49.00
POL 73 FRF Front Right Filler $49.00
POL 73 FCF Front Center Filler $97.00

I hope this helps....BJ SULLIVAN Sarasota, Fl E-mail: BJS382@AOL.COM
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