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Vespa 400 Muffler
April 05, 2003 04:01AM
Does anyone have a Vespa 400 muffler ? Any condition considered.
Re: Vespa 400 Muffler
April 10, 2003 02:24AM
Originals are very rare! Jacques Vuillaumier has designed a replacement but wants a copy for himself. I've never seen or made one. There is a home-made one on ebay using a scooter muffler. I think there is an after market German model but not sure how good it is. Jacques says it hangs down too low and risks hitting ground or damaging manifold. I keep patching mine with epoxy/fiberglass. Eventually I figure I'll have a complete epoxy/glass case!
Re: Vespa 400 Muffler
April 12, 2003 05:29PM
Hi Terry, Thanks for the muffler info ! I'll contact Jacques. Just the same, it sounds like I may have to fabricate something. I'm considering adapting a large garden tractor or generator muffler. Another idea I have is to use a small catalytic converter shell with some type of resonator on it's outlet. The Subaru 360 uses a similar type of expansion chamber ahead of the muffler. Subaru 360 mufflers are not much easier to find, either. I saw the scooter-muffler adaptation on eBay- I wonder if that might be too restrictive. Actually, I'm a long way from needing a muffler. I'm still looking for engine parts as my car came with two partially disassembled engines in a box ! My car is a '59 European model that I purchased a couple of months ago. Thanks again, Art Shigley
Re: Vespa 400 Muffler
July 06, 2012 09:03PM
how did you make out on muffler? I need one too..
Re: Vespa 400 Muffler
July 09, 2012 03:52PM
Larry Newberry of Microcarlot has had stainless mufflers made. They are expensive but well done.
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