1962 Austin Healey 3000 continued

Automobiles in the '50s and '60s often took pride in their radiator grill designs and the Austin Healey was no exception. The vertical bars were introduced in 1961 along with other changes that made up the 3000 MkII.

(LEFT) Although these are chromed, all Austin Healeys which left the factory with the optional wire wheels painted silver gray. Shown are 60 spoke 4.5J-15 wheels manufactured by Dunlop. Reports indicate that hard driving on the earlier 48 spoke units caused them to break.
(RIGHT) Standard three spoke Bluemels steering wheel, which was often replaced by an aftermarket wooden unit.

Detail beauty and chrome trim were important for cars of the era and "the Big Healeys" did their part.

Like all British sports cars, the Austin Healey 3000 was not perfect. Reported problems included an extremely hot cockpit, low ground clearance, cowl shake and jumpiness in the rear axle during hard acceleration.

'62 Austin Healey restoration Read John Seamans' story about how he restored this superb 1962 Austin Healey. Clearly a labor of love with a very happy ending.

Another Austin Healey restoration: stormpages.com/healey/

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