Vespa 400 Manual

Manual cover

The Vespa 400s' manual reflects its charming personality with what seems to be a literal Italian to English translation. Examples:

"At last you have your Vespa 400 and your dream is now to ride it on the road as to fully enjoy the maniability, comfort, performances and economy of your new car."

"But do not be eager, believe us and read carefully this little book, you will definately not lose your time."

"Make the acquaintance of your "peitite but first class car", which has been designed to give a long and consistent performance."

"Your Vespa 400 "petite" as its overall dimensions (it will go through everywhere) and its maintenance which is quite simple and not expensive."

It is a really parctical and economy car, first class by its performances, comfort given by large inside dimensions and its suspension_first class too as it is VESPA built, and will give you the best safety driving."

"You wished for and needed that car, may be without knowing it_now your dream is a reality, your Vespa 400 is there, it is yours, at your service every day, as well to work as for your spare time."

Vespa slogan
Vespa 400 slogan, as it appears in the manual.
Comparison illustration

The manual is not afraid to illustrate the Vespa 400s' space efficiency advantages over its larger competition, as well as the advantages of an air cooled engine.

Owner, Remove
Above left: an ecstatic owner. Right: ease of engine removal is illustrated.

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