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Some Background

For those not familiar with the Burma Shave signs of years past: Burma Shave was a shaving cream product which featured a novel advertising method. They placed small signs on the roads, spaced about 50 yards apart, in groups of 5 or 6. Motorists reading them would be rewarded with a somewhat humorous or philosophical ending at the fourth or fifth sign and then a reminder that it was brought to them by Burma Shave at the last sign. Folklore has it that the campaign saved a failing company. When reading the examples below, pause a few seconds between each line to get the same effect motorists used to enjoy.

You can see more examples at the Burma Shave Slogans site.
Henry The Eighth

Prince of Friskers

Lost Five Wives

But Kept His Whiskers

Burma Shave
When You're Frisky

From Whiskey

Don't Drive 'Cause

It's Risky

Burma Shave
The Poorest Guy

In The Human Race

Can Have

A Million-dollar Face With

Burma Shave

The Whale Put Jonah

Down The Hatch

But Coughed Him Up

Because He Scratched

Burma Shave
Car in Ditch

Driver In Tree

Moon Was Full

And So Was He

Burma Shave
Diplomacy Is

To Do And Say

The Nastiest Things

In The Nicest Way

Burma Shave

Does Your Husband Misbehave

Grunt and Grumble

Rant and Rave

Shoot The Brute Some

Burma Shave
If You Must Sample

Her Pucker Paint

Better Drive

Where Traffic Ain't

Burma Shave
Said Juliet

To Romeo

If You

Won't Shave

Go Homeo

Burma Shave

The Answer To

A Maiden's


Is Not A Chin

Of Stubby Hair

Burma Shave
Don't Lose Your Head

To Gain A Minute

You Need Your Head

Your Brains Are In It

Burma Shave
Around The Curve

Lickety Split

Beautiful Car

Wasn't it!

Burma Shave

Famous Last Words

Bright Lights That Shine

If You Won't Dim Yours

I Won't Dim Mine

Burma Shave
A Peach Looks Good

With Lots of Fuzz

But Man's No Peach

And Never Was

Burma Shave
There's Hardly

A Man That's Now Alive

Who Passed On Hills

At Seventy-five

Burma Shave

If U Don't Know

Whose Signs These Are

U Can't Have Driven

Very Far

Burma Shave
Train Approaching

Whistle Squealing


Avoid That

Run Down Feeling

Burma Shave
You'll Love Your Wife

You'll Love Her Paw

You'll Even Love

Your Mother-in-law

If You Use

Burma Shave

The Chick

He Wed

Lead Out a Whoop

Felt His Chin And

Flew The Coop

Burma Shave
Grandpa's Beard

Was Stiff And Coarse

And That's What

Caused His

Fifth Divorce

Burma Shave

Met Anna

Made a Hit

Neglected Beard

Ben-Anna Split

Burma Shave


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