Guess the Mileage on the Miata!

Wind Deflector
Above is the wind deflector of our high mileage 1990 Miata. The paint has been worn over the years and miles and I've often thought about respraying it flat black. I haven't, and as I think about it I probably won't. Like the pebble graining worn off the steering wheel where the hands grab it or the textured finish on the Voodoo knob that has been worn (polished?) smooth, it represents a lot of fun memories.

We've driven a lot in the desert where the wind and sand combine to achieve a sandblasting effect. For that reason, the windshield had to be replaced last year. The car has between 100,000 and 225,000 miles. Can you guess how many?

(Your guess will only have to be within 2,000 miles to acheive the satisfaction of a "correct" answer.)

Your Mileage Guess:

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