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Determine your
Speedometer Accuracy
How a change in tire size
affects speedometer accuracy

Piston Metric/SAE Engine
displacement conversion calculator.
Bringing the cubic inch and
cubic centimeter worlds together.
Gas Mileage
Straight Talk about Gas Mileage

Acceleration Calculators

Zero to 1/4 mile
Calculate your cars quarter mile acceleration.

Auto Math Handbook
Buy This Book Today!
Auto Math Handbook
By John Lawlor
Published by HPBooks
ISBN: 1-55788-020-4

This is THE book on the subject of automotive math and was the inspiration behind this page. It is a serious tool, and well known and respected amongst racers and hard core performance enthusiasts. Many subjects are dealt with, ranging from volumetric efficience to blood alcohol concentration. All are explained in easy to understand language, backed up by real world examples. If only it was available in High School math class . . .
Engine Displacement Graphic

Displacement Calculator

Horsepower Horsepower Horsepower

What is Horsepower?

Horsepower Horsepower Horsepower

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