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Wheel Care...

Posted by Toddco Bodywerkes 
Wheel Care...
January 11, 2002 07:56AM
Been getting a lot of e-mails from various people that have been using the wrong type of wheel cleaner. There are many types of wheels on the aftermarket industry along with factory wheels. Caution is to be taken in reading all directions on a product that is intended to be used on a specific type of wheel. Not all wheels have a clear coated finish to them. Using the wrong type of cleaner can cause serious & costly etching problems.

If a clear coated wheel has been etched from using the wrong cleaner on them, the chances are very low in fixing the problem. There are also many types of clears that are put on each type of wheel also.
Re: Wheel Care...
January 11, 2002 02:42PM
When in doubt, just use carwash soap.

Don M
'02 Cavalier LSSC
2200 DOHC
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