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trivia question

Posted by gail amos 
trivia question
October 18, 2002 01:52AM
What does GTO stand for. I know that it is three italian words.
If I can find out I get extra points in my college class. Please help as soon as you can. Thanks
<b>Re: trivia question</b>
October 18, 2002 05:41AM
<HTML>According to [www.web-cars.com]:

Although the Pontiac GTO's existence was borne of original thinking, its name was not. It is not a secret that it was "borrowed" from Ferrari, which had a short production run (40) of sports racing cars of the same name starting in 1962. GTO in that case stood for "Gran Turismo Omologato" the english translation of which is "Grand Touring Homologated", a fancy way of saying that it was approved for certain classes of international sports car racing. Controversy over the name theft continues today, with many insisting that the Pontiac owners deserved more original thinking. Jokesters of the time claimed that GTO stood for "Gas, Tires, Oil", all of which both the Pontiac and the Ferrari used in large quantities.

- Paul Pollock
WebCars! Webmaster</HTML>
Re: trivia question
October 18, 2002 04:20PM
Obviously Paul is correct ... if you check out the Pontiac site, they have a brief history of the GTO ... in preparation for the release of the new GTO being release late 2003 (based on the LS1).


Re: trivia question
October 19, 2002 12:20AM
Another mislead answer was Grand Turismo Option. True officianados know the real answer.
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