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66 GTO Glove Box Lock

Posted by rz0bwr 
66 GTO Glove Box Lock
March 22, 2007 01:26AM
Hello fellow GTOers!! This is Big Mike writing from Sterling Hts, Michigan....have had a beautiful 66 tri power, 4 speed GTO, fire engine red, car since I bought it in 1993....guess what? I could never get the glove box open!!! The lock was jammed/broken and I tried every gadget I could to open it but no luck...forgot about it for 13 years....then last month I had a locksmith come out and he worked on it for about 20 minutes or so and voila!!! We got it opened....holy smokes my original 1966 owners guide was in there! I was overjoyed to find an archive and get the box door open.....we had to order a new lock and just recently had it installed....small pleasures you get in life....I sat there when he finished and opened and closed that glove box door about 15 times...ha-ha....the new glove box lock we got from Originanl Parts Group.......cost about $32.00....not too bad...get this, the new lock was in an original GM parts box, it was "brand new" if you will from 1966....the box was a little faded, but the lock was "new", an original from 66....it was not af after market glove box lock. I am amazed anyone had a new lock from 66 that has sat in a box for over 40 years!!!!! Small pleasure.....also I switched from 10W30 motor oil to 10W40 and my car runs about 5-8 degrees cooler...a little thicker oil and it keeps the engine a little cooler.....also add a bottle of Marvel Mystery Oil in the gas tank about twice a year....keeps water, gums and varnish out of the fuel system....a great product...been around for over 70 years....car idles very smooth with it.....good luck to all you Gee-Toe-Tigers.....Mike Hrabovsky.....
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