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What's So Great About the Vespa 400?

Posted by Corinne 
What's So Great About the Vespa 400?
February 26, 2004 10:48PM

I'm looking at the Vespa 400 and love the car but want some feedback from someone who owns one. Do you love it? Why? Anything you don't like?

Let me know,


Re: What's So Great About the Vespa 400?
February 07, 2005 10:52PM
They're unique, not many around so gets lots of attention if you like that.
Easy to work on. Simple.
Kids seem to be attracted to them, they're more their size.
Even though low power, fun to drive, responsive steering and nice suspension.
It's a convertible, well, almost.
No problem finding a parking space.
Some parts hard to get, especially some body parts.
Low power, you have to be patient to get up to speed.
Don't get into an accident in one, stay off the interstate.
You have to mix two cycle fuel.
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