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Yellow Flannel towels...

Posted by Toddco Bodywerkes 
Yellow Flannel towels...
January 10, 2002 05:09AM
Has anybody tried using the new yellow flannel towels with the red stitching for polish or wax removal yet. We will be doing our first exclusive testing of these new towels this weekend as they should arrive here in the next few days.

Testing will be conducted on clear coated finishes & non clear coat finishes. The enamels on some of the old finishes will be conducted later in the week for any results.
Re: Yellow Flannel towels...
January 10, 2002 08:08AM
I saw those at pick n save, somehow I managed to stay away,LOL!
Maybe you're better off at being a comedian than answering questions!
Interesting that you bring these up because my daughter got me some of these for Christmas. Going to try them out this weedend if this weather holds up cause we're supposed to try new things, aren't we?

The only 2 things I can tell you about them is that they are really soft and I don't think they belong in the dryer (lots of lint). I'm interested in your feedback on them and if you like, I'll give you mine pal, Gary.
Re: Yellow Flannel towels...
January 16, 2002 12:42PM
I used the flannel towels over the weekend. THEY ARE EXCELLANT! they remove wax beautifully, without leaving any marks....smooth as silk..before I was using diapers for removal, These rags are great..

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