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Product Summaries

Posted by Doug Delmont 
Product Summaries
March 17, 2009 01:39AM
Guys :
I was trying to think of something new for this forum and I decided to try quick product summaries in place of drawn-out test reports . Let's start with Zaino products , available online from www.zainostore.com .

1) Z-9 Leather Soft spray cleaner is gentle and imparts a leather smell .

2) Z-10 Leather In A Bottle Treatment and Conditioner is a great leather dressing that makes the car smell like a new Mercedes .

3)Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss is a first-rate vinyl and rubber dressing labeled for exterior but useful on interior surfaces as well .

4) Z-7 Show Car Wash Concentrate is a good car wash soap but not superior to several others .

5) Z-18 Clay Bar is high quality . You get a couple good-sized bars for your money .

6) Z-PC Fusion is a fine polish for micro-marring and other minor defects . It works great with a DA buffer but is too expensive for pro's who go through a lot of product .

7)Z-AIO All In One is a cleaner/polymer sealant that works well as a base coat for other Zaino sealants . Can be machine-applied .

8) Z-5 Pro is a sealant that fills and hides fine scratches . It is not optically clear as is Z-2 Pro .

9) Z-6 Gloss Enhancer can be applied between coats of sealant and is useful as a detailing spray for daily wiping .

10) Z-2 Pro is a hand-applied sealant that is put on thinly in multiple coats . It goes on easy . Use the ZFX curing agent if you are applying more than one coat of Z-2 .

11) Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal is a combination gloss enhancer and sealant booster meant for infrequent use . It really does improve shine .

12) Z-14 Plastic Magic is a plastic polish that worked amazingly well on some black plastic mirror housings .

13) Z-12 glass polish is roughly equal to Griot's Glass Polish . Both work .

14) Z-CS Clear Seal is a " fire and forget " sealant that requires no buffing. It can be applied over waxes or sealants or by itself and can be applied in multiple coats . I've gotten good results with it and it has been raved about on enthusiast forums .

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Re: Product Summaries
March 18, 2009 01:18AM
Adams Polishes makes high end products . www.adamspolishes.com

1) VRT Vinyl Rubber and Tire dressing is a first-rate protectant . It is proving competitive with anything else I've tried .

2) Adam's Window Cleaner is also first-rate .

3) Undercarriage Spray is a durable wheel well dressing but is solvent-based and flammable until the carrier evaporates . It has a strong grape smell that can linger on the car for hours .


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Re: Product Summaries
March 18, 2009 01:45AM
Some tools that make jobs go faster are :

1) The Drillbrush, www.drillbrush.com . This drill-mounted bristle brush works well on carpet stains and for agitating carpet shampoo . It has other uses too but is too harsh for wheels .

2) Microfiber Mops from Home Depot and other stores may be useful for washing or waxing the flat sides of large vehicles .

3) Cheap sponge mops from dollar stores are great for dressing Jeep cladding and can be used to apply some waxes .

4) A boar's hair truck wash brush with a broom handle will last for years . It minimizes scratching and can be used to remove snow in winter .

5) A grout brush from Home Depot or elsewhere is great for brushing dirt out from around seat track mounts when vacuuming .

6) A natural bristle paint brush is good for dusting dashboards and door panels as you vacuum .

7) Soft mink make-up brushes from beauty shops are good for instrument lens dusting etc .

8) Battery-powered toothbrushes are good for scrubbing car battery terminals .

9) Plush cotton towels from department stores or www.sierratradingpost.com are useful for both washing and drying cars .

10) Old rags are good for under-hood ( engine ) wipe-down .

11) Cheap poly-urethane sponges are good for applying dressings .

12) 3M Dobie scrubbers are good for bug and tar removal .

13) Wooden paint stirrers can be wrapped in towels and used to clean hard-to-reach areas or to apply dressings .

14) Cotton swabs are good for vent louvers . Toothpicks are good for really tight spots .

15) You can organize your interior kit in a bucket with a bucket organizer from Duluth Trading Post or with a Rubbermaid household carry-all . You can take the kit into the car with you .

16 ) A cut-down bristle natural paint brush can be used to remove wax from along moldings and emblems.

Just added :
17) Lint rollers and rubber pet hair brushes are good for interiors .

18) Fabric softener sheets can be used with soapy water to remove bugs and tar ( they do leave a residue though ) .

Addition :
19) Wrap a towel around a piece of cardboard to clean between a pickup truck's cab and cap.

20) Bounce brand fabric softener sheets are reported to do the job of a car air freshener if you hide a couple under the seats.


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Re: Product Summaries
April 11, 2009 11:16AM
Griot's Garage markets a high-end line of products at www.griotsgarage.com :

Some that I've used are :
1) Paint Prep
This is a detergent product that strips wax and everything else from the paint. Because I ignored the instructions, I had areas where wax remained ; you should rub it around thoroughly with a towel . The stuff can also be used on household floors.

2) Car Wash
A good car wash soap but no better than some others I've tried.

3) Wheel Cleaner
This product is approved by a major wheel maker but I found it dulled my clearcoated wheels. I'll stick to ordinary car wash soap from now on.

4) Window Cleaner
A good glass cleaner, this product can be used on household windows as well. I read that it did well in the Guru Reports Test but that they preferred Turtle Wax Auto Glass Cleaner. I was unable to obtain the original report.

5) Speed Shine
This is a detailing spray that contains a little Carnauba wax. It does a great job as a clay lubricant and for sprucing up between washes. My only concern is that the wax residue it leaves behind could interfere with a sealant such as Zaino Z-2 that I might apply later.

6) Rubber Cleaner
Intended to clean tire in preparation for dressing, Rubber Cleaner did not impress me. I suspect that an All Purpose Cleaner will do tires just as well.

7) Vinyl and Rubber Dressing
This product is unusual in that it does not employ silicone. I liked it but it was expensive.

8) Interior Cleaner
This is one of my favorites from Griot's . It is gentle and versatile. You can use it on vinyl, carpet and upholstery , both for general wiping and spot/stain removal.

9) Leather Care
This seems like a good leather treatment. What more can I say ?

10) Fine Hand Polish
This stuff is slightly coarser than Machine Polish 3. It works but if you have an orbial buffer, use Machine Polish 3 for finer results. These polishes leave no residue so they can be used as a prep before applying a competitor's wax or sealant. I've used them under Zaino sealants.

11) Best of Show Wax
I didn't find this wax especially durable but the shine is first-rate. I've moved on to Zaino sealants...

12) Bumper and Trim Restorer
This stuff is a dye for black vinyl. It applies like a shoe polish but requires no buffing. I found it lasted at least 6 months. I gather that it is similar to Forever Black, which I have not yet tried. The product is hard to keep off of adjacent surfaces and harder to remove than a dressing if you get it on the paint. If you are detailing a car with faded moldings and such, this product should make your work last a lot longer than any dressing.


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Re: Product Summaries
April 18, 2009 03:43PM
Malm's Products :
This is a brand to consider if you like Carnauba Waxes...
1) The Malm's liquid Carnauba wax lasts the longest of the liquid natural waxes I've tried. Apply it thinly because a little goes a long way. It must be hand applied but can be wiped with an orbital buffer. You can apply it to the whole car and then let it dry about 15 minutes buffing it off. The shine is top-notch.
I no longer use the stuff because I prefer Zaino Z-2.

2) Malm's Polish is gentle and does its job well. It leaves no residue. If it dries on the finish it is hard to wipe off but can easily be washed off with water.
I prefer Griot's polishes, personally for ease of use.

3) Nee-too is a detailing spray for use with clay bars and for sprucing up between washes. It is perfectly good and is comparable to Griot's Speed Shine.

4) The De-racer clay bar is high quality but you only get a small amount.

That's about all the Malm's products I've tried. Visit their site for some informative writing.
Re: Product Summaries
May 01, 2009 04:02AM
Meguiar's products are a standard of the industry. Their Web site is full of good info. I've used a lot of their products and here are some opinions.

Professional Line ( tan bottle ) :

Cleaner Wax- A one-step product that was more aggressive than I liked. It got the job done and was easy to apply and wipe off. Durability was mediocre.

#26 Yellow wax- An easy product to apply by hand, orbial buffer or even rotary. It contains no cleaners. It darkens and deepens the shine. The negative side is that it does not last long, especially when subjected to commercial automatic car washes.

#40- This is a vinyl/rubber dressing with cleaning properties. I like it. It is water based and can be used for all dressing needs ; one product to simplify your procedure.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Cleaner- This is great product for brushing wax residue and staining out of exterior vinyl and for cleaning scuffed kick panels. Only use it when milder products won't get the vinyl clean because this product can lighten dark vinyl.

#9 Swirl Remover- A very good light polish.

Swirl Free Polish- Similar to the above product but seems to be milder.

Diamond Cut compound- Billed as an aggressive cleaner/compound, this product is actually milder than some of its competitors. It is formulated for clear coats.

00 Car Wash- This stuff is too mild the wash dirty cars. I much prefer the "Car Wash Shampoo And Conditioner" product, which does a fine job.

#2 Fine Cut Cleaner- This is a relatively aggressive compound that was formulated for single-stage paints. I would only use it on cars that needed paint correction, not as a routine product. If you use it, follow up with a fine polish.

Medium Cut Cleaner- An aggressive compound that comes in handy for headlight restoration ( after sanding the lenses ).

#7 polish- A glaze containing almost no cleaner, this product is said to oil up the paint to make it shine. I liked it.

Rubber Treatment- This stuff made my tires look natural. After I used it up, I tried other dressings in search of more durability.


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Re: Product Summaries
May 07, 2009 01:35PM
Mother's Products :

A friend once told me that there were only three words that I needed to know about car wax, "Mother's California Gold".

I don't agree with the above statement and I now use Zaino's line of products instead, but I've used Mother's stuff and like it.

California Gold Car Cleaner Wax- An easy product to apply that produces a shine that rivals some exotic boutique waxes. Average in durability.

FX Synthetic Wax-Heavier on the cleaner than the above product, with less gloss. Outlasts the CG above by 2 to 1.

Chrome Cleaner-This product works but I refuse to use any abrasive product unless the chrome is severely weathered. Can be used as a heavy duty glass cleaner/polish.

Plastic Polish- A fine polish that leaves a protective film on the surface. Can be used as a final step in headlight restoration.

Power Ball-This drill-powered tool gets a lot of favorable comments on the Net. I found it hard to use on wheels without getting polish on the tires as well. Overall opinion : The jury is still out.

Phase One Cleaner-Basically, this is a light compound that is formulated for hand application. Easier to use than comparable Meguiar's products, it does the job well. It must be followed with a polish such as the Phase Two Sealer.

Phase Three Carnauba Wax-This wax contains no cleaner or polish and is meant as the final step in the Mother's phased system. It produces a first-rate shine with average durability. It outlasts Meguiar's #26 Yellow wax, a similar product.

Re: Product Summaries
May 08, 2009 02:37PM
Doug, whats your opinion of Duragloss products. Some say its like a generic Zaino.
Re: Product Summaries
May 09, 2009 03:54PM
I tried a Duragloss sealant years ago and it outlasted Meguiar's red bottle Step 3 Carnauba Wax by about double. The shine looked equal. This was on the hood of a clear coat metallic red Ford Escort. The product was their Swirl Mark Remover sealant.

Recently, I tested their CCP Clear Coat Polish sealant against Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax. The CCP produced an inferior shine to the NXT and seemed to have harsher cleaners in it. CCP outlasted the NXT significantly. This was on the hood of a Ford F-150 in Colonial White ( YY ) single-stage paint.

I have also used the Duragloss product made for single-stage paint and liked it but did not do a head-to-head test.

I wouldn't consider Duragloss similar to Zaino except perhaps in durability. The Zaino produces a first-rate shine along with durability and the Z-2 can be applied very sparingly and in multiple coats. I do not believe that Duragloss makes a sealant that is completely free of cleaners.

Duragloss makes good products. I prefer Zaino. Also, there are indications that Meguiar's NXT shine is spectacular when first applied but falls off quickly.

Re: Product Summaries
May 10, 2009 03:08PM
Thanks Doug, Duragloss #105 seems to be their best product. Their spray wax ,Aquawax seems to be a outstanding product.
Re: Product Summaries
May 16, 2009 04:37AM
Larry A :
I forgot to mention that I tried Duragloss cherry-scented car wash soap and found it left soap spots unless rinsed very thoroughly. The experience shook my confidence in the company's product line as a whole. The same thing happened when I got disappointed with a couple 3M and Turtle Wax products ; all brand loyalty evaporated even though most of their offerings are good.

The Aquawax is one I haven't tried yet...


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Re: Product Summaries
May 16, 2009 07:10AM
Here is a link to a review of Windex Multi-task Orange, a product I've used on dirty interior vinyl with good results...


Re: Product Summaries
May 19, 2009 01:33AM
Edge foam pads-
I finally tried the Edge pads on my PC7424 DA buffer yesterday. I got the pads from Adam's Polishes. Each pad is two pads in one, with a stiffener in between, so you can easily flip the unit to change to a finer or coarser pad surface. The pads are concave to retain product better, so you must apply a little pressure to get full contact across the pad. The mount is similar to a Sears Craftsman quick release ratchet.
My first impression is that these Edge pads are far better than the Meguiar's system I've always used, but time will tell...
The finishing pad ( black ) did a great job of applying Zaino All-In-One.

Re: Product Summaries
May 23, 2009 12:36AM
More Meguiar's Products :
Red Bottle consumer line :

Car Cleaner Wax- A Carnauba-based one-step wax with only gentle cleaner. It won a Consumer Reports wax test years ago ; the mag said it was the best for newer cars because it did not dull the paint as much as more aggressive cleaner waxes did.
I found it easy to use and liked the shine but durability was mediocre.

Soft Wash Gel-
A very good car wash soap.

Step One Cleaner-
A good light compound or cleaner that is formulated for hand or orbital application. I found it harder to wipe off than the competing cleaner from Mother's.

Step Two Polish- A good polish made for hand application.

Step Three Carnauba Wax- When the three step process is used, it produces superior results to the Car Cleaner Wax. The pure Carnauba product still gives only mediocre durability and is easily degraded by tunnel car washes.

Quik Detailer- A good detailing spray, this one seemed less slick than the tan bottled "Final Inspection" but was cheaper.

Natural Shine- A good dressing that is designed to give a less shiny look.

Re: Product Summaries
May 30, 2009 08:19AM
Eagle One-

Visual Perfection paint sealant lacked durability. I did not buy it again.
The accompanying free VHS tape was good instruction, though.

Carpet Spot and Stain Remover worked great, but can't find it now.

Tire dressing was durable and good.
Re: Product Summaries
June 07, 2009 03:08AM
AutoGlym :
I've never tried this stuff. If anyone has tried this line of products, please post a summary on this thread.
I remember a car wash that used an AutoGlym sealant as an express wax with a 90 day guarantee...

Re: Product Summaries
June 12, 2009 10:42PM
More Meguiar's :
Endurance Tire Shine : A longer-lasting, solvent-based tire dressing. It lasted longer than water-based products but I didn't like the look as much. It is a specialized product that is not labeled for use on anything but tires. I prefer a product like Meguiar's #40, that I can use on all vinyl and rubber.

Scratch-X : This stuff is a hand-applied product for removing minor scratches. It works but I get the same results with a little compound and polish at much lower cost per ounce.

Detailer Line- All Purpose Cleaner Plus. This stuff works but did not amaze me. YMMV.

Detailer Line- Glass Cleaner. An economical concentrate that works best when diluted with distilled water. It works but I thought Invisible Glass seemed a little better.
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