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P21S Wax & P21S Paint Cleaner...

Posted by Toddco Bodywerkes 
The P21S Carnuba Wax is hand poured blend of German waxes and also Brazilian carnuba wax. It was first introduced to the fine German vehicles & gives brilliant results to black finishes. This wax contains no chalky or powder residue. It will not leave a white stain the vehicles rubber moldings or the plastic trim pieces. The application is very simple to apply & even easier to remove.

The P21S Paint Cleaner is a non abrasive polish, it too is easy to apply & to remove also. It will remove the most stubborn wax and will also improve the vehicles surface gloss & bring out the finishes depth & clairity.
Re: P21S Wax & P21S Paint Cleaner...
December 15, 2001 07:23PM
That sounds exactly like Klasse, made by a german chemist, applies easily, virtually no dust from removing, and I am pleased that the car washing scratches are almost gone since switching to their product.
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