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Coolest car

Posted by bobm 
Coolest car
September 08, 2010 01:24AM
Alright, enough bickering back and forth about who does what right or wrong. How bout we list the coolest, most fun or most unusual vehicle we have ever done? I do not get alot of bad ass cars in the shop as we are in a farm and ranch community. However, last summer I did a black 01 vette with a blower rated at 525 horsepower. Today we rolled in a 07 mustang with a cold air kit and custom wheels. The oldest was a 70 chevy pickup, all stock.
Re: Coolest car
September 08, 2010 06:31AM
In 1984 we did the Batmobile which was touring in our area for promotional purposes.

Also did a Lambroghini in Muscat, Oman and found the white dye on the seats was coming off on the towel. The owner said they had a recall on that problem.

Hummm? A recall on a $400,000 + car.

Filthiest car we took out a full lunch bag of McDonald's French Fries and over $10.00 in change. Soccer mom let the kids eat as they would in the car and was so disorganized she just threw the change on the console and it was all over the car. When I asked her brother-in-law who brought in the car what her house looked like, he said: "when we want to see my nieces and nephews, they come over to our house."

Bud A
Re: Coolest car
September 11, 2010 12:59AM
What? 22 views and only Bud has done some cool cars? Come on folks, I guess you would all rather just argue about the same things over and over? Well, then fine, this should start something. 'Darrell Waltrip is the best Nascar driver that ever lived.' There ya go, argue over that!
Re: Coolest car
September 11, 2010 03:00PM
We have done a lot of interesting vehicles...and resolved many unbelievable problems.

some come that come to mind are a brand new black Lamborghini swirled so badly it looked like Van Goghs starry nights. We removed the swirls and a few days later he called in a panic to say that an old lady had passed his vehicle with a rusty bicycle and scratched the fender. I told him to come over to see if we could fix the problem and had touch up experts waiting when lo and behold he drove up and the hood had paint missing the size of fist from the hood.. a rock had hit while driving.. needless to say the touch men ran away.. the owner was laughing hysterically and said ... you know it is only a car.

Another a Yugo.. owner was away and parked the vehicle in a barn.. rats invaded and the smell was indescribable... he asked us to solve the problem and I advised him to dump the vehicle since the cost for clean up far outweighed the cost of the vehicle.. the YUGO had no replacement parts so we needed to save everythng. We placed the carpeting in a coctail of chemicals to get rid of the odor as we lowered the carpet into a 55 gallon drum the water started to violently foam up like a witches brew and the liquid immediately turned to dark brown... (carpet was blue).. we thought for sure the carpet had disintegrated any way we were happy to see or coctail had drawn out all the nasties in the carpet and it was back to blue with a wonderful smell. It was unbelievable what he paid to have me clean up this car...
Re: Coolest car
September 11, 2010 03:31PM
Old joke, about a Yugo.

Guy walks into the local NAPA store and says to the clerk, "I'd like a rearview mirror for my Yugo."

Clerk replied, "Sounds like a fair trade to me."
Re: Coolest car
September 14, 2010 10:13AM
Aston Martin Vantage, DB 9
Lamborghini Countach, Gallardo, Super Leggera
Ferrari 355 spiders, 70's DINO, 430's and a Enzo

A huge Hummer limosene
Hearse Funeral home vehicles

A Mad Max 2 replica Falcon coupe with working blower

lots more
Re: Coolest car
September 15, 2010 01:04AM
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