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New Topic Please When?

Posted by billd55 
New Topic Please When?
September 15, 2010 03:58PM
It really surprises me that many of you bitch that we should change the topic.
GREAT,but you all sit on the sidelines and offer nothing.Bud and I do not agree,
but at least Bud contributes to this forum.<br>

I am trying to stimulate a meaningful discussion, and all I get is insulting
comments.The people who are bitching offer nothing. Gina's only post was on what is in a cigarette.Grumpy2 has all this experience and I have not seen any posts
from him. Marnie offers only when the next IDA meeting will be.<br>

If Bud and myself are turning you off then why are you all paying such close
attention to what we say. I have not seen any of you getting off your butts and
posting anything but Bud. It seems you all hang out here to offer your opinion
to newbies who ask questions.<br>

Finally, guys like svr 73 are joining the forum. I may not agree with all that
he says,but a least he has something to offer that is interesting. Not the stupid
responses like these:

You've got the brain of a four-year-old boy, and I'll bet he was glad to get rid of it.

"If he had another brain, it would be quite loney."

I am beginning to think you have no business sense... Which person in their right mind would have a problem making money to repair and fix paint problems? <br>

How do you respond to such stupid responses like these. You can't!
I realize that many of you think I do not know anything about detailing,
but none can give one reason why?

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Re: New Topic Please When?
September 15, 2010 11:50PM

Thank you for the nice post and kind comments.

The problem people have with you is that you are so passionate about this AT5 paint sealant that we are all familiar with, that you do not read the posts that others, including myself, make questioning what you say. You simply ignore the posts and all you offer in retort is "I disagree."

You are either arrogant or stupid enough to challenge a respected and very experienced chemist in our industry who has no agenda but to provide valid information to detailers to help them better understand the science of detail chemical products.

How many other chemists have you ever found on this forum, or any detail forum?

What you have to do is acknowledge that someone else might be correct, which you do not do.

You like AT5, great, but it is no better or no worse than most other sealants on the market. The reality is that there is only so much chemistry you can put into a paint sealant.

There are HUGE chemical companies with far more resources than GEM Industries that could make the finest sealant in the world, but the reality is there is only so much you can do to make a sealant and that is that. A small company or a large company have the same ability to make sealants only so good.

There is nothing unique or special about AT5, bottomline.

Bud ABraham
Re: New Topic Please When?
September 16, 2010 12:24AM
Re: New Topic Please When?
September 16, 2010 12:41AM
Bill it seems you are correct in your analysis.
Re: New Topic Please When?
September 16, 2010 02:17AM
Actually, I mentioned a chemist(TOGWT) several times from another forum.A 35 career year Chemical Engineer in the Petrochemical / Polymer industries.I posted quotes from him, but you were not concerned with what he said.<br>

Personally, I am not really impressed with much Kim has said. He says do'nt wash
your car with dish soap because it strips wax and sealants.If a soap like Dawn
will remove wax or a sealant, than why put them on in the first place? He admits
wax offers limited protection at best. <br>

Once again,you have not used or tested AT-5, and your statement is supported
by zero proof, but only what you think. I can wash my car with Dawn many times
and it will not strip the AT-5. Clearly, you cannot do that with wax. I would say
that is unique. <br>

If I am wrong in anything I say, then I will admit it. Although,Kim knows nothing
about At-5, but I should accept what he says because he is a chemist.Sorry, but I
have a brain.<br>

. A small company or a large company have the same ability to make sealants only so good. Bud, you keep making this point,but it is just wrong. Face It!
Re: New Topic Please When?
September 16, 2010 02:31AM
Let's look at some facts, that have been in front of all for sometime.

One, the favorite sealant of Bill has been out on the market, in onr form or another for years. Plus, knowing Gem as a company since the late 80's, am aware they do NOT make the product, but rather purchase it from a blender of chemical products.

Second, if it was as good as said by Bill, everyone who has been in the business for years would already be using it, plus my old company, and many, many other companies could have reverse engineered it and made the same product.

These companies would then launch a massive advertising program to sell same product under their name.

Should this have happened, there would be many who visit and post here, expounding the virtues of said product.

Neither appear or are known to have happened.
Re: New Topic Please When?
September 16, 2010 05:23AM
Ok, if someone doesnt have something to add soon that does not concern Dawn soap or paint sealant soon, then Im gonna start a fight with Gina here just to switch things up a bit..........
Re: New Topic Please When?
September 16, 2010 01:13PM

I am not the one starting a fight here. There are certain people here who continue
to argue the point when they are wrong.They continue to bring up points that are
not based on any facts. <br>

They admit wax offers little benefit as far as protection goes.They say the product I use is no different then any other sealant on the market with absolutely no experience with the product.<br>

Second, if it was as good as said by Bill, everyone who has been in the business for years would already be using it, plus my old company, and many, many other companies could have reverse engineered it and made the same product. <br>

Frankly, Grumpy2 has a point here. My answer is they are not really concerned with
protection. They want to sell products,and a product that is used once a year does not fit that bill.Also, it would almost eliminate the correction market. Pads,polishes, compounds , etc. It's all about money.Why would they want to sell
a product like AT-5 that would lower their profits. <br>

That is why Bud, Kim , and Grumpy2 argue with my points.They admit they know nothing about this product and have never used it or tested it.Although, they are the ones who continue to state things about At-5 that are false.I mean their logic makes no sense at all.<br>

I show them tests that say they are wrong, but they ignore it.They argue with
everything I show them. Nothing will convince them they are wrong.

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Re: New Topic Please When?
September 19, 2010 10:38AM
AT-5 sounds alot like toughseal as I have stated before
they are a great product line but not the be all and end all of refinishing

Have to agree with bud - theres only so much that can go into a sealant
they have a limit to what they can do. the next step up from them are polyurethane paint like scratch resistant coatings and other types of resistant coatings which are actually a paint

now lets move on from talking so much about wax vs sealant and talk about other things in the industry like preparing paintwork for polishing or coating

lots to discuss but the forum has been like a broken record lately

Thanks bill for the nice comments.
I was here years ago but forgot all about the forum
Re: New Topic Please When?
September 19, 2010 04:22PM
Svr 73

I agree we need to move on. I have watched some of your new videos on UTube with
the Red car. How did you get the dirty water into the red bucket. Did all that dirty water come off that one car?
Re: New Topic Please When?
September 21, 2010 01:46AM
thats the crap that was flushed to the surface and which I removed with the sponge and then wringed out into the bucket. containing the product liquid (clear) and the gritty contaminants which left that bucket black

all that came off of the one car. then followed with clay for an hour and there was absolutely nothing but some tiny spots that were left on the clay block
normally the block would be yellow, red or black and marr the finish because of it (if you dont knead and cut up the clay often enough

still developing the system, should be finished soon
that red hyundai's finish could of been improved alot more including fixing the orange peel with our pads and single polish system and then paint correction and even more deep impact but the customer did not want to have all that done.

still came up beautiful afterwards though.

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